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  • From: Tomáš Zámečník <pulcik@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: glideplan_swproj@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 05 Mar 2012 11:06:55 +0100 (CET)

Hi, there is my reaction. (I tested current master)

Gray tiles:
Still does not work. Gray tiles appear if I move very close to terrain.

Simple maps & satellite maps:
Nice when displayed in high resolution, ugly in low resolution.
Included borders are better than the old ones.
Cache size of these maps is much less than cache size of the satellite maps. It 
will be good oportunity for packages in future.
Bug: when I turn off the satellite maps, they are still being downloaded. It 
may be intersting
to solve this out to see whether the downloading speeds up, if the satellite 
maps are not downloaded.
I mean - when you use simple maps, they should be downloaded much faster, 
because low-res simple maps
contain little information.

Satellite maps:
There is following bug: Downloading of satellite maps doesn't start until I 
switch on/off them in left pane.

I think that water is necessary. Bad think is when two neighboring tiles are in 
different resolution
and the river, which is shown in the first tile, disappears in the second one. 
(If the map is downloaded faster this shouldn't be problem)

Height map:
Is it possible to colorize the simple map according to height? For example add 
new layer with height,
which is alpha(gray)-blended with simple map (in left pane would remain just 
one layer) ?

It's nicer with lighting.

Default/top map:
Now there should remains the satellite map. But when the simple map is 
downloaded faster and contains height it should be map no.1.


> ------------ Původní zpráva ------------
> Od: Mária Vámošová <maria.vamosova@xxxxxxxxx>
> Předmět: [glideplan_swproj] merge
> Datum: 04.3.2012 20:24:59
> ----------------------------------------
> Hi!
> So I merged my version to master, which means:
> 1. The grey tiles are fixed - if you still see them, it is possible
> that you have them in your cache, so try deleting the cache.
> 2. I found an interesting map source using WMS standard - but it
> doesn't implement full WMS. I'm currently searching for another WMS
> server.
> The map is the "Simple map" layer. You have to disable the "Satellite
> map", since that one is on top (should I change it, and put this one
> on top?).
> It looks nice in my opinion - simple and clear, although the water is
> a bit unnecessary I think :/
> 3. I disabled the State borders for now, since I found out there is
> some problem with the near plane clipping. But the state borders are
> very nice in the "Simple map" layer.
> 4. I turned the lighting back on: but you can switch it on/off very
> simply in initial.earth file.
> So please try it out someone, and tell me your opinions :) (at least
> on the simple map layer)
> Maria
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