[glideplan_swproj] Questions

  • From: Kuba Marek <blue.cube@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: glideplan_swproj@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2011 12:12:39 +0100

I'm trying to write the specification of task planning gui (using the
old specification) and I've come accross a few unclear things:

Task planning seems to need a global state ... "task plan being
edited", because when you click the map in this state you need to
overide all other controls (IGC click handler, airspace click handler)
and add a new point instead. Also we must choose what to do when you
have multiple task plans opened, start editing one and then switch to
the second.
SeeYou avoids this by having a separate window for each task plan and
never using a common part of gui.
Airnav pro adds a dangerously looking red/black stripped bar to the map
saying that task editing mode is enabled.
Another way would be disabling edit mode once a different tab is
@Tom: Is this what you meant by the "selected task" thing in the
specification? But this doesn't work with the tabbed interface, does it?

What about adding waypoint to the middle of flight plan? We already
talked about this, but it was only in cotext of buttons in the task
plan window. What about adding a new point by dragging the line on the

Not really task planning, but where will the measure distance tool be
displayed if we choose to implement it? another tab at the bottom?
That would mean it's a new plugin, right?


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