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  • From: Bohdan Maslowski <bohdan.maslowski@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 21 Feb 2012 20:54:51 +0100


I've finally solved the elevation issue on mac.

Here are some details if anyone is interested. The heighfields didn't load
when using a TMS driver, with GDAL driver it worked fine (for example
multiple_heightfields.earth). The problem seemed to be in processing tiff
images. By default, osg can be compiled with two libraries for reading
quicktime - printed an error message "Quicktime Reader/Writer could not
read image..."
imageio - printed nothing, but no elevation was loaded

It is also possible to install libtiff on mac as a package in the
"unstable" tree of fink (http://www.finkproject.org/). After some changes
to CMake files, /osgDB/Registry and osgEarth itself (the osgdb_tiff plugin
needs to be preloaded) everything would run, but still printed error
messages (at least more detailed ones)

I tried experimenting with the format of the tiff files, but without
success. For this I've set up a simple proxy, so at least i measured the
speed of the tile provider - it takes 300 - 500 ms to download a 2kB
elevation tile.

I ended up modifying the way 16bit tiff images are handled by imageio
plugin (osgPlugins/imageio/ReaderWriterImageIO.cpp)

The mac is not in the best condition - it runs fine in Safe boot, which is
useful for compiling, but OpenGL doesn't work. When booting normally it
either doesn't start at all or freezes after some time (sometimes a few
minutes, sometimes a few hours). I also have an OS X virtual machine
running on vmware, but that doesn't support OpenGL either.

Anyway, everything is working now on mac (tested on Snow Leopard and Lion)

Binaries are in the ftp storage (tags/updraft_tag_january_osx32release.zip)


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