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  • Date: Wed, 17 May 2006 17:05:20 +0200

Cari amici del Regno Unito,
vi spedisco una e-mail ricevuta recentemente dal co-operative college con 
un pò di informazioni interessanti per la nostra prossima conferenza di 
fine maggio.
Buona lettura e buona serata,


(if we have only one email address for your group please pass this on) 
Hello All, 
With the 4th annual BCF conference nearing I thought I'd write to you all 
with some general information about the conference, Manchester (
www.marketingmanchester.com) and logistics etc.
If you have any other questions that I haven't covered please let me know. 

Some of you may not be travelling direct to Manchester and so you may need 
information on how to get from London to 'up north'.
There are trains from London (Euston)  to Manchester (Piccadilly) that get 
you there in just over 2 hours now. There are also the slower services 
which take about 3 hours. The train is probably the easiest and cheapest 
way to travel and you get to see some amazing countryside on your way. If 
you go to http://www.networkrail.co.uk/ and click on timetables, you can 
plan your journey and see departure and arrival times as well as if it's a 
direct train and even fares.
It might be worth checking out flights too as some of the domestic 
airlines are doing every reasonable air fares. Try looking at www.ba.com 
or www.bmibaby.com or www.jet2.com or www.expedia.com who look at  a 
number of operators.
On arrival, from Manchester airport you can get a train to Piccadilly 
train station that costs about £3 and they run every 20 mins. Then it's a 
short taxi ride of around £5 from there to the youth hostel - YHA (
www.yhamanchester.org.uk). At the station there are signs for the taxi 
rank at the back of the station which always has taxis on stand by. Or you 
can get a taxi direct to the youth hostel from the airport at a cost of 
about £25.
Please ensure that you have adequate travel insurance for your visit to 
the UK. 
The YHA supplies all bedding but recommend that you bring your own towels. 
You can hire them for a refundable fee of £5 but they have limited stock. 
Any alcohol consumed on the premises must be bought at the YHA bar which 
is fully stocked with finest wines, British ales and imported bottled 
Please remember that UK voltage is 240w and you'll need an 3 pin adaptor 
plug to operate any electrical equipment. 
Registration starts at 3pm on Wed 24 May at the YHA and finishes at around 
6pm. The evening meal will be served from 6pm to 7.30pm. The dining room 
cannot hold all the participants but within the 90 mins everyone will be 
served as people arrive at different times. If you are arriving after 6pm, 
don't worry as there will be a member of the College staff around all 
evening to help you with checking in.
<<YHA booking form.doc>> If you need extra accommodation before the 
conference and have yet to arrange that with the YHA then please fill out 
the attached form and return directly to them. If you need accommodation 
for after the conference and have not yet organised this then please 
contact The Commercial Hotel (125 Liverpool Rd, Manchester, M3 4JN) on 
0161 834 3504 as the YHA is now full for the night of Sat 27 May. Beds 
costs £20 per person per night. Rooms are limited here too so please 
contact them as soon as you can. Maps and details are attached about both 
of these. Please note, The Commercial Hotel is a 5 minute walk from YHA 
which is located at Potato Wharf. The following attachments can be opened 
with Firefox or Explorer. 
<<Commercial hotel>>   <<YHA map>>     
The first full day is Thurs 25 May. Coaches will pick you up from the YHA 
and take you the 35 minute journey to Rochdale where the full group will 
be split into smaller groups to do the carousel sessions.
The second full day is Fri 26 May and this will be spent at Tiger Tiger (
www.tigertiger.co.uk) in Manchester city centre. The afternoon is the True 
Stories section of the conference. Please make sure you have informed us 
of your True Story choices. The form for this can be found with all the 
conference information at www.co-op.ac.uk
Fri night is the social event and we've hired a nightclub called Barca 
which is a 2 minute walk from the YHA. Please remember that you may be 
asked for ID and that trainers and jeans are not normally allowed in most 
bars/clubs in Manchester centre.
The dress code for the conference is casual but good weather is not 
guaranteed in Manchester so please bring a mixture of warm and cooler 
clothing. An umbrella might be a good idea too.
The last day of the conference is Sat 27 May which will be starting a bit 
later after the fri night out. The morning will be activities and the 
afternoon is your free time to hit the shops or go up to Old Trafford 
football ground (which is not open at this time of year unfortunately but 
you'll still be able to take pictures and go to the shop) or see the 
sights or just sleep - it's up to you.
The group will come together again at the end for an evening meal and a 
farewell event finishing at about 8.30pm. 
If you have yet to pay the registration fee and have access to a credit 
card, please see the College website where you can pay by Paypal. If this 
is not possible then please see the attached form which will enable you to 
carry out a bank transfer in £ sterling.
<<Bank transfer details0306.doc>> 
We have around 125 people booked on so far with bookings still coming in 
and we've got representation from 10 different countries including Canada, 
Sri Lanka, Belgium, Italy and Uganda as well as the UK.
I look forward to meeting you all later this month. 
Amanda Sharp 
Projects Co-ordinator 

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