[gimlet] [Gimlet Blog] A hub in the pub!

  • From: Marcus Landstrom <marcus@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2004 02:38:59 -0700

 "The great thing is that I can tell the wife that I've got to go to the pub
to work! 
A wireless broadband service launched this month is attempting to use a
combination of village pubs and mesh networking to close Britain's broadband
Jim Baker, founder and chief executive of Telabria, announced the launch of
RuralMesh at the Wireless LAN Event in London on Tuesday. Baker claims that
RuralMesh can provide wireless internet access at speeds and prices
comparable to DSL." 
A hub in the pub[1] 
Posted by Marcus Landstrom to Gimlet Blog[2] at 4/7/2004 11:38:52 AM 

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   1 http://www.silicon.com/networks/broadband/0,39024661,39119860,00.htm
   2 http://www.gimlet.se/blog/index.html

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