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  • Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2004 07:08:43 -0800 (PST)

AJ, sorry I did not get back to you...I can make some calls...so let me 
know....also I suggest we stay in contact with Ms. Beamon to develop the 
relationship to help with the overall efforts to recruit...I may even try to 
get to her next city-wide meeting with the guidance counselors....btw, I will 
more than likely be deploying in the early part of 2005 for a few months, but I 
will do what I can in the meantime....thanks
Billy C
VT '85

"Adriane B. James" <adrianebjames@xxxxxxx> wrote:

VA Tech would like to go ahead and have an activity on Nov. 20th, but with a 
smaller group.  The group will be students that VT would like for us to call, 
who have already expressed interest and are strong student with a good chance 
in getting into VT.  

I have reserved the library on the 2nd floor of the Norfolk Health Dept. Bldg. 
We expect the group to be about 20-25 students(parents), who will actually be 
able to come out.

Please contact me if you can help, with the calling.  With the SATs on Dec. 
4th, Exams starting on Dec. 10, we will need to focus on the spring for a large 
admission event.  And plan for the fall of 2005, to participate with local high 
school college fairs, which are mainly in Oct. timeframe.

Can I  get some alumni to plan to call students this week.  Tech will provide 
us a list of names, similar to the list we got back in the spring.  Need about  
5 volunteers that can call about 6-10 students each.  And we can include a few 
students that you know who might be interested in VT.  The Admission Office 
will provide us some key things to say to the student and/or parent.

Suggested format for that day ('Actucal time is not set.)

11:00-Engineering optional program

11:30-Noon Admissions process

Noon-12:30 Financial Aid: PCEG/MAOP

12:30-1:30: lunch with Black alumni and students(Pizza, etc.)

Adriane B. James (AJ) 
(757) 857-7166 Home 
(757) 857-6196 FAX 
(757) 651-7961 - Cell 

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