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Fellow VT Alumni & GHRRBAC Member,

The fall recruitment schedule has been published by the VA Tech Admissions 
Office. As in the past, the Admissions Office is asking for our support in with 
the college admissions fairs and other recruiting events scheduled for our 
area. Please consider attending one of these events, and show your face and 
support for your alma mater.

This is a great way for Black Alumni to show the local student population that 
people of color do attend and matriculate from VA Tech. It's also a great way 
provide in-person answers to students and their parents about student life at 
VA Tech, the quality of educational experience, life after VT, and any number 
of subjects that a parent/student may not be comfortable asking an admissions 

The events are a lot of fun, mainly because they are informal, fast paced, and 
informative. The Admissions Officers handles all the questions related to the 
admissions requirements and process. You are there to answer questions about 
the VT experience and what it has done for you.

Show your support to the VA Tech Admissions Office by filling out the attached 
participation forms and volunteer to attend one of the events in the attached 
spreadsheet. I've highlighted the local events in the spreadsheet.

Email your request directly back to Kimberly MacInnis 
(kimmac@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:kimmac@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>) and cc: me (so I can 
gauge what the GHRRBAC support level will be).


Michael A. Chapman, P.E.
Head, Technologies Application Branch - RD
NASA Langley Research Center

757-864-4687 (w)
757-864-4799 (f)
757-827-9971 (h)
"The Secret Of Your Future Is Hidden In Your Daily Routine"
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From: MacInnis, Kimberly [mailto:kimmac@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Monday, August 26, 2013 11:50 AM
To: Sanders, Karen Eley; Watford, Bevlee; Chapman, Michael A. (LARC-D330); 
'Adriane.B.James@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'; 'randylucas10@xxxxxxxxx'; 'A. Jerome 
Fowlkes (Jerome@xxxxxxxxxxxxx)'; Walker, Latanya
Cc: Johnson, Mildred
Subject: 2013 travel schedule

Attached please find the 2013 travel schedule and a volunteer participation 
form.  If you are interested in joining us at a particular fair, please 
complete the participation form and return it to me via e-mail or fax at least 
two weeks prior to the fair. After I receive your form I will get back with you 
to let you know whether or not we have space for additional volunteers (we are 
limited to three representatives behind the table at any given time) and 
provide additional details about the program.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for your help.

Kim MacInnis
Travel & Events Coordinator
Undergraduate Admissions
Virginia Tech
925 Prices Fork Road
Blacksburg, VA 24061
540-231-6267 - phone
540-231-3242 - fax

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