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Dear, Leo, everyone,

Thanks for writing in response to my apologies.

 (I am also responding to your follow-up question...

Dear Bruce,
>Please, let me know how many days you need to edit my text (11 pages) in 
>attachment and when I could send you for editing the GPS third chapter?
>I ask you again to close your address: gha@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, as now works the new 
>address: gha-peace@xxxxxxxxxxxxx. Could you do this to avoid duplication of 
>letters? Thank you, 
>Please, let us to solve all technical and editing questions in personal 
>manner. Do you agree with it?
>With love, best harmony wishes,
>Please, let us to solve all technical and editing questions in personal 
>manner. Do you agree with it?
>With love, best harmony wishes,
When I agreed to edit the book (and your critique of Glen you wanted to add), I 
had hoped that you would freely respond to the real issues that have been 
raised in regard to gha in recent days. Especially, I had hoped you would 
address the question of whether you would continue your personal attacks on 
members (e.g., Nina, Norm Kurland, Bob Crane, myself, Lida, etc.)  and the 
questions of ethics and academic rigor (upon which the credibility of gha now 

Instead, I see that you are ignoring these important questions and trying to 
limit discussion to whether I will edit your attack on Glen and when, etc. 
along with a "probational" restoration of my leadership of the USA group you 
basically severed ties with during your fundraising campaign. Further I 
understand that you want me am to delete the gha list I created for you (for 
which I freely sent the address to your brother Ivan, which he quickly copied 
to his new gha-peace@xxxxxxxxxxxxx)  and I guess I'm supposed to be naive 
enough to think that after I delete the gha list Ivan won't delete my name 
fromm his new list. 

I think, in oppressive governments, those actions come under the heading of 
information management and censorship. And, truly, oppressive governments 
seldom support harmony and peace.

I propose this solution:

You and I, both, conditionally upon the other, renounce our leadership 
positions in gha. As I recall, when I first joined the group, you told me you 
would like to transfer your position to another person after a year. Here's our 
chance. Let's pull out and invite nominations of a woman to lead the group, 
subject to affirmative vote by individual members. Then, after the change is 
made, the new leader can decide on the need for other positions in leadership, 
again using affirmative vote by individual members. That will free you and I 
from the administrative dilemma that now confronts gha and we can focus our 
efforts on developing the book as you have suggested. I would look forward to 

Please let us know whether you are willing to step aside as the groups's 
leader. In any case, you will always be respected as the founder , much as 
Prof. Galtung is remembered for founding PRIO in Oslo. If indeed, you truly 
care for the group rather than personal power, etc., your resignation as 
President will fully demonstrate your love for gha, and peace and harmony.

If you are unable to accomplish that level of humility and trust, please at 
least address the important questions of personal attacks, ethics, and academic 
rigor so we can move on. I believe it is now futile for any of us to continue 
ignoring those questions.

Yours in Peace,


On Sunday, June 29, 2014 4:41 AM, "Leo Semashko leo.semashko@xxxxxxxxx 
[peace-from-harmony]" <peace-from-harmony@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>I like your apologies from your forest and I am ready to acknowledge them and 
>apologize to you, in turn, if you publicly acknowledge your readiness edit all 
>texts of GPS, as you promised, including 11 pages of my response to Glenn.
>Are you ready to edit it? Your consent in it will be the best practice 
>meditation of restoring our cooperation. But it is a key condition. Are you 
>recognized it? 
>PS. Let me remind everyone that I receive and answer e-mails only through new 
>email GHA: 
>gha-peace@xxxxxxxxxxxxx.  Other letters I do not get, do not read and do not 
>Best harmony wishes,
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>Dear members, 
>I will do my best to write you all from my cell phone at a forest campsite 
>where I am tenting with my family. 
>Lest I be unfair, please accept my apologies for the following. 
>First, I apologize for suggesting that gha begin to operate in a manner 
>consistent with standard academic rigor, similar to credible academic 
>organizations and research institutions worldwide. For details see my email to 
>Lida in her generous attempt to meditate, below . (Sorry, I tried to copy and 
>paste the main part, but could not do this on my cell phone.) 
>Second I humbly apologize for any personal criticism of Leo as a person, for I 
>still regard him as a friend and colleague in peace. He is our founder and 
>surely deserves our respect. Further, I apologize for suggesting that his 
>actions might be immature and predictable. 
>I appeal to Leo and everyone to speak up and take this issue seriously in an 
>attempt to make gha successful and well respected in academic circles. My 
>purpose in this dialogue had always been to improve gha, which I love. 
>Yours in Peace, 
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