[gha] Re: my text for GPS after my trip in Malaysia

  • From: Leo Semashko <leo.semashko@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Thérése Marie ROBERT <theamarierobert@xxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 19 Oct 2013 17:51:24 +0400

Dear Thérése,

OK, we wish you the creative and peace successes in Malaysia. 

We wait also your article about "Priority of Women in Development of GPS and in 
Building of Global Peace" (you could edit this title) in accordance wit the 
Rules and and Requirements here: www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=585 

Thanks for your ideas and enthusiasm! 

With love, best harmony wishes,


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  To: leo.semashko@xxxxxxxxx
  Sent: 19 ??????? 2013 ?., 16:29:46
  Subject: my text for GPS after my trip in Malaysia

Dear Leo

I'll send my text for the new book about GPS when returning at home after 11th 
Actually I'm traveling from Geneva to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia where will stand 
next week our world congress of poets (WAAC)
I am inviting to present there a performance with dance and poetry, my woman 
message about water and life for peace:

Ma poésie dansée est un acte de spiritualité. Au fil des années, elle est 
devenue une méditation sur le temps, la parole, le geste, l’espace, le souffle. 
Le corps s’exprime pour être lien et lieu d’harmonie entre soi et 
l’environnement, tissant la relation entre aspirations et incarnation, entre 
l’intention et l’action. Mon énergie relie la pulsion de vie en soi à celle de 
la nature toute entière, ancre la terre dans l’univers, marie l’eau avec la 
lumière. Elle s’enracine dans la confiance et l’espérance pour tisser des 
alliances, créer des harmonies, inscrire la paix au coeur de l’être, rompant 
ainsi avec la culture millénaire des peurs, des fractures, des conflits et des 
guerres. Message de femme, danse du ressenti, du passage, du flux, de l’écoute, 
du partage, écriture de mon âme vivante, ma danse cosmopoéthique est un outil 
artistique pour faire jaillir du coeur les sources de la culture de la paix. "  

' My danced poetry is an act of spirituality. Over the years, it became a 
meditation on time, speech, gesture, space, breath. The body expresses itself 
for being link and place of harmony between the self and the environment, for 
weaving the relationship between aspirations and incarnation, between intention 
and action. My energy connects the pulse of life at the nature itself, tells 
the anchor of the earth at the universe, marries water and light. It is rooted 
in the confidence and hope to forge alliances, create harmonies, enter the 
peace in the heart of being, thus breaking with the old culture of fears, 
fractures, conflicts and wars. Message from woman, dance of feeling, of 
passage, of stream, of listening, of sharing, writing my living soul, my 
cosmopoetic dance is an artistic tool so that sources of the culture of peace 
born and grow into the hearts "

I can present such an artistic work everywhere through the world
with light and love

Dr Théa Marie ROBERT
Messenger of culture of peace for UNESCO
writer, dancer and choreographer, photographer
GHA member
and others
66 Clos des Charmilles
74400 Chamonix FRANCE

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