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Dear members, 

I will do my best to write you all from my cell phone at a forest campsite 
where I am tenting with my family. 

Lest I be unfair,  please accept my apologies for the following. 

First,  I apologize for suggesting that gha begin to operate in a manner 
consistent with standard academic rigor, similar to credible academic 
organizations and research institutions worldwide.  For details see my email to 
Lida in her generous attempt to meditate,  below .  (Sorry,  I tried to copy 
and paste the main part, but could not do this on my cell phone.) 

Second  I humbly apologize for any personal  criticism of Leo as a person,  for 
I still regard him as a friend and colleague in peace. He is our founder and 
surely deserves our respect. Further,  I apologize for suggesting that his 
actions might be immature and predictable. 

I appeal to Leo and everyone to speak up and take this issue seriously in an 
attempt to make gha successful and well respected in academic circles. My 
purpose in this dialogue had always been to improve gha,  which I love. 

Yours in Peace,  


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