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NYTimes: For Many Iranians, the ‘Evidence’ Is Clear: ISIS Is an American 


The militant group Islamic State in Iraq and Syria is meant to weaken Iran and 
its allies, many Iranians say.


— Iranians are as obsessed as Americans these days with the black-clad gangs 
roaming Iraq and Syria and killing Shiites and other “infidels” in the name of 
Sunni Islam. At the supermarket, in a shared taxi or at a family gathering, 
conversations often turn to the mysterious group, the Islamic State in Iraq and 
Syria, and how it came to be.


And for most Iranians, the answer is obvious: the United States.


“Come on, you know who has created ISIS,” said the supermarket owner, winking 
his right eye. “Admit it,” demanded the taxi driver, hitting his steering wheel 
to make his point. “It is so obvious!” concluded the talkative uncle at the 
birthday party.


ISIS, Iranian leaders have been saying for a long time, is made-in-the-U.S.A., 
a tool of terror intended by the world’s superpower to divide and conquer the 
energy-rich Middle East and to counter the growing influence of Iran in the 



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