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Dear all Global Peace & Harmony Leaders ,

GHA members & friends,.

Wishing you for a bright New year 2016.

Moving from Age of Darkness(KaliYuga) To Age of Light (Peace from
Harmony) =Golden Age

Welcoming New era of Peace & Prosperity through Peace from harmony
through Science &
Peace from Culture through harmonious Thinking & moving in the new
era of Enlightened civilization.

My warm wishes for a bright New year 2016 fulfilling all your Dreams
& Aspirations fulfilling with overwhelming Success.

Dr. Subhash Chandra

Secretary General - Global Harmony Association (GHA) , India
http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=583 M=09910241586
Founder Trustee - Global Peace Foundation (GPF), India.

On Thu, Dec 31, 2015 at 4:32 PM, Leo Semashko <leo.semashko@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Dear Chuck, and all GHA members, friends,

Many thanks Chuck for his philosophical conclusion (below) to our Global
Peace Science on the eve of the New Year! My response to this conclusion,
see below. It expresses the simple idea that now when the war is on the
threshold of our countries and entire world, the most important thing is way
of thinking about peace, not war. The task of the new understanding of peace
- is the task of the next years. We started to discuss this challenge and
invite all to join this responsible thinking about peace.

I am happy to congratulate all with New Year 2016 and wish peace (it is our
happiness!) from harmony in a free discussion of Global Peace Science,
without thinking of which peace will never come!

Dr. Leo Semashko,
GHA President

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Your Conclusion


Below is my one pager…feel free to edit it. It’s late and I had a very long

Good luck with your Publication!

I’m honored to be included in any way. Thank you for the opportunity.


Chuck Woolery, Former Chair, United Nations Association Council of
Home address: 315 Dean Dr., Rockville, MD 20851
240-997-2209 chuck@xxxxxxx
(the views expressed above are mine and not necessarily the views of the

"Freedom, Security, Peace and Harmony: Overcoming the inevitable barriers.”
The prime directive of all life is to survive and procreate. This generates
multiple tensions in the inevitable competition for food, water, space,
shelter and a mate. Human coexistence invites additional tensions due to
our capacity for thinking and creating mental concepts. Most concepts do
not lead to cooperation. But cooperation in very large numbers is the
primary characteristic that ants, termites, bees and human’s share. Harmony
within human groupings remains largely illusive, especially as group numbers
and their conflicting concepts increase. However, for the past few thousand
years humans have developed unique rule sets. These group agreements have
allowed enormous gatherings to live in relative peace for decades, sometimes
centuries. Harmony was a rarity and major episodes of brutal violence
between separate groups was almost always a given. Now, however, our
unprecedented technological capacity of mass destruction dictates that our
species align on a single rule set. One allowing all groups and all people
to thrive without instigating violence. Harmony could follow, but for now,
a world without war would be a glorious and essential achievement for our

But war isn’t our only, or even our greatest source of insecurity. Famine,
pandemics, natural disasters and careless or misinformed individuals
persistently cause far more death and disability than war. Prevention of,
and better preparation for, these and other lethal insults will require
massive levels of knowledge and universal cooperation. Think ISIS, Ebola or
global warming. If any group or individuals believes they are expendable,
the universal cooperation needed to ensure maximum security for cannot be
achieved. So, what humans want and need most is freedom. Freedom from
want, fear, and injustice. Miss one and peace won’t come. Each is a
historical source of war. Individuals in peace and harmony don’t understand
why others turn to violence. But fighting for these fundamental freedoms
and maximum security from a wide variety of dangers – is a human imperative.
Our human minds house one profoundly flawed concept that we must unlearn.
The belief that we are independent individuals. We are certainly
individuals. But we are never independent. We rely on clean air, water,
food, companionship, information, mating and cooperation to survive and
sustainably thrive as a species. Peace is possible with our fundamental
freedoms ensured. But in a world of over 7 billion individuals with even
one mind still infected with the concept of independence, and harmony will
remain elusive. Ultimately, freedom is all we really have. The freedom to
choose a just and universal rule set or continue to suffer the individual
consequences. Peace without justice will never yield security. And,
justice without a universal freedom from want and fear will never yield
maximum security. Peace cannot reign while injustice remains. We must
remember that happiness is essentially a function of low expectations. And,
security is a function of justice. And justice a function of the set of
rules that we must align on as a species to maximize our freedoms. This
could be a definition of global harmony – the harmony of freedom from war,
want, fear and injustice.

The GPS Editor in Chief note. The author of this conclusion suggested
another synthesis for Global Peace Science (GPS), which is not dissonant and
resonates with it, lifting the most important issue of value priority in
their system. He gives priority not to harmony and to freedom: "humans want
and need most is freedom." From this point of view "harmony was a rarity,"
therefore "harmony within human groupings remains largely illusive," in
contrast to the natural harmony of ants, termites, bees, etc. Their harmony
is achieved via instinct and for humans besides intuitive harmony requires
conscious harmony on the basis of firm scientific knowledge, which was not
hitherto. This knowledge was born for the first time only in GPS, in 2015,
after more than two centuries after the birth of military science, which
fuels the aggressive expansion of wars by ingenious invention of a new
weapon. Peace devoid of science always lost the war. Human of freedom thinks
about peace little, badly and weakly, hence peace and harmony remains

The ancient Greeks lived and prospered under the banner of harmony, but in
modern times the West has replaced it with banner of freedom, the priority
of which led it and its ‘democracy’ to endless wars, especially the US and
its NATO after 1945. The narratives are now going only about new wars.
America as the banner of freedom is the most striking example in the last 70
years. We have a huge list of aggressions and war crimes against humanity of
the USA since Hiroshima, but no list of its peace initiatives. The US
Congress "freely" declared war on Russia a year ago (Resolution 758) and put
NATO troops on the borders of Russia, repeating the sad experience of
Hitler. Of course, Russia, taught by this bitter experience does not remain
in debt. As a result of this "freedom" humanity stands today on the brink of
nuclear war. Free America does not think about peace, it thinks only of
endless wars. It is a proof of insufficient and limited freedom without
peace and harmony. Without them, freedom suppresses their transforming to
freedom to kill, to freedom of death, wars and disharmony that is not
necessary to mankind. Only within peace and harmony freedom is beneficial,
and without them it is suicidal.

In contrast to the freedom, the value of harmony eliminates harmful extremes
and suppression of other values. Harmony is impossible not only without
peace (and vice versa), but without freedom, justice and equality, without
their balance. Therefore paradigm of "peace from harmony", launched in GPS,
excludes the theoretical possibility of suppression of freedom and human
rights. On the contrary, it provides for them the most favorable conditions
for development, providing priority to fundamental human right to life (=
peace, as the war = death), without which there can be no any human rights
and freedoms. As the great Martin Luther King said: “We must learn to live
together as brothers or perish together as fools». Only through GPS can
learn to live together as brothers. Brothers do not install missiles and
atomic bombs on each other's borders to perish together as fools. Why
America is such a fool? Maybe boundless freedom and its tyranny make America
a stupid and mindless of peace, non-violence and harmony?

GPS and our discussion of it free us from the militarist folly and give us a
reasonable and effective understanding of peace and harmony. Let's deploy
this intellectual debate about the global peace science from harmony
primarily in the US as the most aggressive state in the world and in all
countries to free from the tyranny of militaristic thinking. This discussion
will arm our minds new science as vaccine and immunity from the plague of
global militarism and terrorism. The main thing is to think about peace, not
about war and weapons. Our GPS is a new impetus and tool of this thinking,
which guarantees us peace and harmony. Let us celebrate the New 2016 Year
with this powerful intellectual intent, guarantying us peace and harmony
along with freedom, justice and other values through science. Then peace and
harmony become an human imperative like freedom. Then, instead of
irremovable imperial freedom of war will be reign freedom of peace and
harmony! Thanks to Chuck Woolery and our GPS for the beginning of this
debate in the new year. It is very important, because the war is on the
threshold of not only our countries but the entire world.

December 31, 2015

Subhash Chandra

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