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There is a dicsussion this Thursday afternoon at the UN Security Council on a 
proposition presented by the UK on the "use of all necessary means" in the 
Syria issue, "all necessary means" being the code expression for military 
force. It would seem that the uK and France are less reluctant than the USA 
about bombing. I fear that a delegation to President Obama would not get to 
meet him in any case. There has been an effort to have telephone calls to the 
White House, there  being a number for such things. They do not weigh the 
arguments, but just count the number of call on one side or the other. 
    I, for the world citizens, have been pushing "good faith negotiations" 
nearly since the start of the conflict when the League of Arab States sent the 
first observers. I know the Secretary General of the Arab League from his days 
as the Ambassador of Egypt to the UN, Geneva. Unfortunately there is not much 
good faith on the part of the government nor the different armed opositions. 
The problem is usually the same: peace forces start to act too late and once a 
downward momentum is strong, there is little that can be done.
    I still think that we can still push for good faith negotiations so that a 
government more representative of the multi-cultural Syria than the current 
administration could be put into place, while keeping most of the current 
government in place. But the level of communial hatred is high and things may 
blow up.
    With best wishes, Rene Wadlow, President, Association of World Citizens

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