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Also protests in unmanned aircraft exhibition ─ venue near the world in 
Wall Street Journal  21 minutes delivery (Wed) 13:14 August 

The 13th, and looking for new possibilities of drone technology that 
controversial, unmanned aircraft manufacturers around the world have gathered 
in Washington.  Among you are considering that the state more than 28 of the 
United States limit the use of unmanned aircraft in the sky, each manufacturer 
is aiming to market expansion and improve the image of the unmanned aircraft. 
That it has carried out attack to take the life in Yemen and Pakistan because 
he widely known best for unmanned aircraft. Unmanned aircraft manufacturers 
have assumed such as pizza delivery and response to wildfire, that you use a 
wide range of applications.  This event will be held for 3 days at Walter · E · 
Washington Convention Center, the promotion organization of drone use, based in 
Virginia, "International Association of unmanned aircraft" was planned.  That 
there is a fear of what you do not know the "people because there are many, 
(unattended machine) is what first job we can do Ellen load president of 
defense giant Textron Systems, based in Rhode Island it was, "he said you tell 
it how. Company to produce drones to countries for the United States and other. 
The president added, "I think (for drones) that there is a debate and a lot of 
emotion, but we think the usefulness of the unmanned aircraft is greater" he 
said.  Sales of unmanned aircraft is expected from that country to use the 
unmanned aircraft is increasing, grow by leaps and bounds. According to a 
recent survey of research firm Teal Group of defense expert based in Virginia, 
spending to drone international to $ 11.6 billion $ 5.2 billion (about 510 
billion yen) in the next 10 years It is expected to double, that there is a 
possibility of more than $ 89 billion in 2023.  In addition to issuing the 
civilian casualties many U.S. went a drone attack abroad, representatives of 
the 21st century security and Information Center of the Brookings Institution, 
Peter Singer said, U.S. leftist Yemeni resident He pointed out, "was labeled as 
unexpected" because the potential benefit of the industry and have been 
affected in that it has to target the Muslim cleric. He said, "part to be in 
secret is, has become the largest element that forms the perception of people. 
This is the major challenge in the industry" he said.  Countries who think that 
still, you want to add to the arsenal of its own unmanned aircraft is 
increasing. Israel is reported last week, that it has used the drones aimed at 
militants in the Sinai desert of Egypt. According to the aerospace and defense 
sector of IHS Janes, Israel has seen a major exporter of drones, unmanned 
aircraft sales in foreign countries is more than the United States by the end 
of the year.  You need unmanned aircraft industry to extending the application 
to the defense other than the obvious. Outside the venue, they were protesting 
people of more than 10 people gathered. While the U.S. Army leaders are doing a 
press conference, some activists have spread the banner that you wrote "Do not 
use the murder machine". Co-founder peace movement group of "Code Pink", Medea 
Benjamin said even if I use it in a useful application drones, and not be able 
to cover the military applications, which account for more.  It is said there 
to keep track of the "endangered species, and such as be used for search 
operations, and such as the exploration of the cave, he was wearing a costume 
of pink in the shape of unmanned aircraft the" Predator "is the industry it 
was, "he said are motivated by war.

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