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Dear Ada,

Many thanks for your congratulations to me and members of the GHA. Thank you 
for your constructive criticism. My brief comments on your very important 
principal questions are below.

       1. The link between Tetrasociology and creation of global peace is 
expressed in the first chapter, especially in its logical crowning paragraphs 
1.10. and 1.11., which I send you in a special file (2 pages) in attachment for 
closer scrutiny. Tetrasociology opened theoretically and empirically proven the 
existence of eternal social peacemaking structure of SPHERONS. SPHERONS are the 
scientific quintessence of Tetrasociology. Therefore, if you accept the 
scientific (theoretical-logical and empirical) rigor proof of SPHERONS as 
actors and source of global harmony, then you have to admit of logical 
necessity them as actors and global peace. Consequently, you have to admit a 
direct link Tetrasociology and building global peace. 
           Knowledge of scientific tetrasociological theory of SPHERONS, i.e. 
GPS knowledge transforms (through global harmonious education) SPHERONS from 
spontaneous to conscious actors. Political and economic mechanisms of this 
process of building global peace are disclosed in the following chapters. Your 
comment is constructive in the sense that it requires further explanation of 
this link in these paragraphs, and I'm doing it on your initiative and with 
gratitude to you. 
           I want to emphasize one more detail. You are the first of 
sociologists, who linked the notions peace and harmony in one concept of 
"harmonious peace." I learned this from your article that you gave me during 
our acquaintance in Beijing in July 2004, at the World Congress of 
International Institute of Sociology, which was the impetus for me to define 
the essence of the GHA and call our site as a "Peace from Harmony" in 2004/2005 
that we created with your participation. This push further defined the main 
direction of evolution for Tetrasociology, which was crowned with GPS now, the 
center of which is discovery of SPHERONS in it. I will include this historical 
fact in these paragraphs of GPS. Do you agree with this? Please, could you 
remind me the title of your article and where it is published, in which you 
first use the concept of "harmonious peace"? I'll be happy to include your 
publication with it in GPS. Thank you.

2. Yes, the building of global peace cannot be built without bricks: a 
plurality of partial contributions and achievements of peace researches. But it 
is impossible to build without a holistic framework of a global social 
structure of SPHERONS. There are a lot of bricks. A frame is only one. No such 
bricks, without which it would be impossible to construct a building. But there 
is no such building, which would have been built without a skeleton/frame. Or 
maybe you know a peace study, without which it is impossible to construct a 
building of global peace? If you know of such a study, please, let us know its 
name and where it is published. Thank you.

3. Thomas Kuhn characterizes each scientific revolution as a pretension, try 
and step that elevates it above all previous theories. This is the essence of 
science: each new theory rises above all other theories in one aspect or 
another. This is a normal process of scientific knowledge. GPS is scientific 
revolution of peace thinking, because before no one connected peace with: 1. 
Social harmony and 2. With its actors - SPHERONS, harmonious classes. Therefore 
GPS is above all other theories of peace. (Maybe you know the peace theory 
above Tetrasociology?) This is a natural step in the normal scientific progress 
of human knowledge. What terrible or unnatural in this normal scientific 
pretension? We cannot consider as normal the endless repetition of old obsolete 
peace truths, incapable of more than 100 years to stop any war, without 
pretensions to update and refresh them. Do you agree with this? 

With love, best harmony wishes,


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Dear Leo,
I read the first chapters of the GPS which you requested, and first of all I 
want to 
congratulate you for your efforts to try to promote peace and harmony in our 
global village.
However, there are 3 major aspects that especially bother me:  
1) I do not see the link between Tetra Sociology and the construction and 
creating of a peaceful
and harmonious world.
2) There is no building upon and recognition of what was contributed before by 
scientists of peace studies.
3)  It is pretentious to describe the GPS as above all other theories and 
research in this field.
However, perhaps you are planning to elaborate these aspects in future 
With all best wishes for the success of all your projects,
Ada Aharoni


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