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Dear Stephen

Your opinion is valuable coming from STEPHEN GILL

Stephen Gill, Poet Laureate of Ansted University, has authored more than
twenty books, including collections of poems, fiction and literary
criticism. Once in a while, he writes poetry in Urdu, Hindi, and Panjabi.
Some of these poems have been composed and performed by prominent singers
in three albums, titled Aman (peace), Aman Ki Rah (way to peace), and Kholo
Kholo (open open). His works have appeared in more than five hundred
publications. Stephen Gill strongly believes in a democratically elected
world government and peace through peaceful means. He works as a freelance
English/Urdu interpreter and examines doctoral dissertations for
universities of India to feed his passion and commitment to write for
global peace. He was born in Panjab. *CRITICAL STUDIES*: Nine critical
studies have appeared, including *Discovering Stephen Gill* Ed. Dr. Agarwal
(AuthorsPress, India); *Stephen Gill & His Works* by Dr. George Hines
(AuthorsPress, India); *Poetic Corpus of Stephen Gill* by Dr. Sudhir Arora
(Sarup & Sons, India); *The FlameUnmasked* (research papers on his epic *The
Flame*) edited by Dr. Sudhir Arora (Prakash Books, India).

Shrine. (poems of peace and social concerns)
Songs Before Shrine. (poems on peace)
The Coexistence. (A novel to provide a blueprint to live and let live)
Flashes (trilliums in haiku spirit).
The Flame (Epical poem about terrorism).
Four honorary doctorates (USA, China, UK)
Pegasus International Poetry for Peace (Poetry in Arts, Inc., TX).
Sahir Award of Honor (India)
The Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal (Canada)
Empowered Peace Poet Award (Canada)


*María Cristina Azcona*

*María Cristina Azcona*

2014-07-04 19:12 GMT-03:00 Stephen Gill <stephengillgazette@xxxxxxxxx>:

>  Thanks Maria for sending information on Dr. Martin. The work he has done
> to promote peace is eye-opening. It is important to encourage sincere
> workers who believe in achieving  peace in peaceful ways.
> Thanks Maria again and my greetings from Canada
> Stephen Gill
> StephenGill, Dr.  (Email: stephengillgazette@xxxxxxxxx ; Box 32,
> Cornwall, Ont. K6H 5R9 Canada. WebSites: www.stephengill.ca;
> stephengillcriticism.info (Tel. 613-701-3965);
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> Brief Photo autobiography:
> *Heart and Mind: Attempt at a Short Story
> <http://www.radford.edu/~gmartin/AAsturiasBiographical%20Overview.final.21.Feb.pdf>*
> Biographical Summary:
> Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Radford University Radford
> VA 24142
> (Fax) 540-639-4320         *gmartin@xxxxxxxxxxx <gmartin@xxxxxxxxxxx>*
>     Dr. Glen T. Martin is Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies at
> Radford University in Virginia and primary founder, in 1994, of the Radford
> University program in Peace Studies, of which he is currently Chairperson.
> He is also President of the Radford University Chapter of the American
> Association of University Professors (AAUP) and a member of its Executive
> Committee for over ten years.
>     Since long before receiving his Ph.D. in philosophy from the Graduate
> Center of the City University of New York and his MA from Hunter College,
> he was a conscientious objector to war and active in movements for peace
> and the transformation of our brutal and violent world order. Much of his
> writing and scholarship has centered around the interconnections between
> the spiritual and social-political dimensions of achieving peace and human
> liberation.
>     During his twenty-eight years at Radford University, Dr. Martin has
> been active in both national and international work of philosophers
> focusing on issues of peace. He has regularly presented papers at national
> conferences of the Concerned Philosophers for Peace (CPP) and the
> international conferences of International Philosophers for Peace and the
> Prevention of Nuclear and Other threats to Global Existence (IPPNO). Since
> 1996, he has been President ofInternational Philosophers for Peace (IPPNO)
> <http://www.radford.edu/~gmartin/IPPNO%20brochure.htm>, an organization
> with members in 25 countries that works to promote the social, political,
> and economic conditions necessary for world peace.
>     IPPNO has Peace Messenger status with the UN and under Dr. Martin’s
> leadership has contributed actively to such UN related accomplishments as
> the 1996 World Court decision that substantially all use and threat of
> nuclear weapons is illegal according to international law, the
> International Peace Bureau’s successful campaign to curb French nuclear
> tests, the Abolition 2000 Caucus toward the total abolition of nuclear
> weapons, and the Millennium Forum conference on the future of humanity.
> Under his guidance, the IPPNO Document on World Peace
> <http://www.radford.edu/~gmartin/IPPNO%20Doc.html> was developed over a
> period of several years and was published by IPPNO in the year 2001.
>     Dr. Martin’s *pro bono* work for peace includes honorary membership
> on the Advisory Board of the International Society for Intercultural
> Studies and Research <https://www.freewebs.com/isisar-worldpeacecongress> 
> headquartered in Calcutta, membership on the Board of Advisors of the World
> Prout Assembly <https://www.worldproutassembly.org/> (WPA), membership on
> the International Advisory Board of Radio for Peace International (RFPI)
> (1998-2006), Costa Rica, membership on the Board of Directors of theNew
> Humanity Center
> <https://www.users.belgacom.net/grenade/new_humanity_center> in Kalamata,
> Greece, appointment as a Global Associate to the International Institute
> for Sustainable Future, headquartered in Mumbai (2000-2004), membership in
> the Global Advisory Board of Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies
> <http://p2pfoundation.net/Human_Dignity_and_Humiliation_Studies> (since
> 2010), membership in the Global Harmony Association (GHA)
> <http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=249>, and member of the
> advisory board of Acme Intellects.
> <http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Call-Research-Papers-Acme-Intellects-4731941>
> From 1993 to 2002, he was Chairperson of the New River Bocay Project, a
> nationwide network of U.S. citizens working for the survival and
> sustainable development of the indigenous peoples of Northern Nicaragua.
>     For a number of years Dr. Martin has been active in the movement to
> create non-military, democratic world government under the *Constitution
> for the Federation of Earth*. <http://www.radford.edu/~gmartin/CEF.htm>
> Since 1997, he has been a member of the World Executive Council of the World
> Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA)
> <http://www.radford.edu/~gmartin/WCPA%20page.htm> which coordinates a
> network of people from 120 countries worldwide in their work toward these
> goals.   At the Provisional World Parliament in Chennai, India, December
> 2003, he was nominated and confirmed as Secretary-General of WCPA.  In
> 2012, he became President.
> As part of this work, Dr. Martin was a delegate to the fourth session of
> the Provisional World Parliament in Barcelona, Spain in 1996, to the fifth
> session of the Provisional World Parliament in Malta in 2001, and to
> meetings and conferences concerning world government in countries around
> the world.   He was one of the organizers and Vice-President of the sixth
> session of the in Bangkok, Thailand, in March 2003, the seventh session in
> Chennai, India, in December 2003, the eighth session in Lucknow, India, in
> August 2004, the ninth session in Tripoli, Libya in April 2006, the tenth
> session in Kara, Togo in June 2007, the eleventh session in Nainital, India
> in July 2009, the twelfth session in Kolkata, India, December 27-31, 2010,
> and the thirteenth session in Lucknow, India, December 14-17, 2013.
>     For many years Dr. Martin has traveled and lectured widely with
> respect to world peace and the need for democratic world government.
> Within this movement for world government under the *Constitution*, Dr.
> Martin is also a Professor and President of the Institute On World
> Problems, IOWP (www.worldproblems.net) and, before that, the Graduate
> School of World Problems, holding seminars in different locations around
> the world to train future leaders to deal with global problems in the light
> of democratic world government.
> The IOWP is a think tank directed toward global issues and their
> solution.  In May and June 2002, he was professor in Graduate School of
> World Problems seminars being held in Takoradi, Ghana and Lucknow, India.
> In June 2003, he was professor  in a seminar on world problems for the IOWP
> in Kara, Togo, in January 05, in Kolkata, India and in Kameoka, Japan, May
> 2005, in Tepotlzan, Mexico, March 2007, in Kalamata, Greece, in June 2007,
> in Colombo, Sri Lanka, in Lucknow, India in June 2008 and in San Jose,
> Costa Rica, January 2010. In 2011 and twelve he similarly gave lectures and
> workshops in a number of courtries  He is currently President of the
> Institute On World Problems.
> Dr. Martin is a regular contributor of political editorials to various
> newspapers, newsletters, and web journals. Dr. Martin has received world
> peace awards from several international organizations and, in 2002, he was
> nominated for the prestigious Mahatma Gandhi International Peace Prize
> awarded annually since 1995 by the government of India. He was voted as
> Press Action hero of the year 2003 for one of his political editorials.
>  In March 2007, he received the World Peace Leader Award from the Office of
> the World Peace Envoy in Thailand.
>     He has also published widely in the service of world peace and a
> transformed future for humankind. Author of* From Nietzsche to
> Wittgenstein - The Problem of Truth and Nihilism in the Modern World *(Peter
> Lang, 1989) and, *Millennium Dawn - The Philosophy of Planetary Crisis
> and Human Liberation <http://www.radford.edu/~gmartin/Books-New.htm> 
> *(Institute
> for Economic Democracy Press, 2005), he continues to publish many articles
> and reviews on a variety of topics in comparative philosophy, the
> spirituality of human liberation, economic democracy, democratic world
> government and global social issues.
>     He is also author of the booklet *Century-twenty-one: Crossroads for
> Humanity - The Manifesto of the Earth Federation
> <http://www.radford.edu/~gmartin/Century%2021.htm>* (that was ratified at
> the Seventh Provisional World Parliament in December 2003 as the official
> manifesto of the Earth Federation), editor of*World Revolution Through
> World Law* - *Basic Documents of the Emerging Earth Federation*
> <http://www.radford.edu/~gmartin/Books-New.htm>(2005), and co-editor of 
> *Emerging
> World Law* <http://www.radford.edu/~gmartin/Books-New.htm>: Key Documents
> and Decisions of the World Constituent Assemblies and the Provisional World
> Parliament (2010).   His fourth book on a transformed future for humankind
> was *Ascent to Freedom: Practical and Philosophical Foundations of
> Democratic World Law <http://www.radford.edu/~gmartin/Books-New.htm> *(IED
> Press, 2008). It examines the rational and moral grounding for democratic
> world law under the *Constitution for the Federation of Earth.*
> Martin's fifth book is called *Triumph of Civilization: Democracy,
> Nonviolence, and the Piloting of Spaceship Earth *(2010).  It studies the
> deep violence of our current world order and shows the ways in which
> authentic democracy can transform the world to one of sustainability,
> justice, peace, and nonviolence.  He has also published *A Constitution
> for the Federation of Earth: With Historical Introduction, Commentary, and
> Conclusion *(2010) which focuses on the *Earth Constitution* in its
> historical, conceptual, and planetary contexts.
> In 2011, his seventh book appeared entitled *The Earth Federation
> Movement.  Founding a Social Contract for the People of Earth: History,
> Documents, Philosophical Foundations.*This book lays out the history and
> principles behind the Earth Federation Movement and includes documents to
> illustration the principles.  In June of 2011, Martin did a lecture tour
> that included Lucknow, India, Colombo, Sri Lanka, Chennai, India, Dhaka
> Bangladesh, and Bangalore, India.  In July, he led a seminar on the *Earth
> Constitution* in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State.
> In Chennai, Martin received the "Lighthouse of the World Award" for his
> work for world peace, awarded by WCPA (Asia Wing) and Bharat Vikas Parishad
> on the occasion of the "Global Challenges to Peace" Program, Pondicherry
> and Tamil Nadu, India 21 June 2011. In January 2012, he left the office of
> Secretary-General of WCPA and was elected as its President.
> Martin's newest book appeared in September 2013. It is called *The
> Anatomy of a Sustainable World: Our Choice between Climate Change and
> System Change. *This book shows in detail what a sustainable world would
> need to look like and how the *Earth Constitution *provides exactly the
> institutional structures that are needed.
> In November 2013 he was awarded the International Gusi Peace Prize, which
> is conferred in person each November in the Philippines.
> *María Cristina Azcona*
> *@macazcona*
>  *María Cristina Azcona*

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