[gha] Re: Why the Tawaf is performed anti clockwise?

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Ustadh Mehboobali,
    As-salamu 'alaykum.  All sentient beings live in pairs, and these in 
communities, as do the smallest particles of matter (positive and negative) and 
the clusters of galaxies.  All function in a dialectic that produces more than 
the sum of the parts.  From this comes the universal tawhid in the diversity of 
existence that points to the Oneness of ultimate reality.  This is clear from 
the Qur'an, but also in every world religion, for those who are gifted to see 
it.  Al hamdu li Allah. 
                Fi aman Allah,
             Faruq (Bob Crane)

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When we revolve around the Ka'aba we are orbiting in the same direction as the 
whole universe and all the creations of Allah from the tiniest particles, to 
the largest galaxies, along with the human race unite in praise of Allah.
When we go around the Ka'aba, we are travelling in the land travelled by all 
the prophets of Allah, from the prophet Adam (alaihis salaam) to the Prophet 
Muhammad (SAW)
The Ka'aba in Makkah is never free from circumbulators.
The Blood inside the human body begins its circulation "Anticlockwise"
The electrons of an atom revolve around its nucleus in the same manner as 
making Tawaf, in an anti-clockwise direction.
the moon revolves around the earth anti-clockwise.
The earth rotates around its own axis in an anti-clockwise direction
The planets of the Solar system revolve around the sun in an anti-clockwise 
The Sun along with its whole Solar system orbit in the galaxy in an 
anti-clockwise direction.
All the galaxies orbit in the space in an anti-clockwise direction
Tawaf around the Ka'aba is "Anticlockwise"



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