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Felicitations Cher Celia..
It is a great production!..Your song is perfumed by Mayguez trees and your 
voice is so sweet. Congratulations and applauses..

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Subject: [gha] Watch "Celia Altschuler" on YouTube
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Dear, Dr Leo and all,

         My video has been released on youtube. It talks about the respect and 
love us humans must have for our trees amd about the trees  in Mayaguez. I am 
the author and composer. It is in French. Captions are in Spanish. I work on 
ecological project.

It is also my gift for you and all GHA friends. Translation for my friends in 
English. by Celia Altschuler

My love and Merry Xmas!

The Mayaguez trees
What great spirit has Mayaguez

with its trees of hapiness

I am captured by its sweetness

and the perfume of its flowers.
Mayaguez tastes like mangoes  (repeat)

Don't ever doubt it

Beautiful  Caribbean paradise

Don't ever doubt it
One day you will like meet

The beautiful spirit of Mayaguez 

Where each tree is repected

By all the people in the town.
I will go tomorrow to Mayaguez

The town of fruit and happiness

Wisdom of the heart 

There the trees are also old
Mayaguez tastes like mango

Where the mangoes are all over

I am caputured by its sweetness

And the perfume of its flowers
The black woman fell in love 

With monsieur

She dances bomba with her fiance

The bomba belongs to PR

Mayaguez of French heritage. 
Ah, I  love to eat mangoes!

Don't ever doubt it.
 Translation : Celia Altschuler

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