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Hello GHA Colleagues, Leo, Bruce etc:

As many of you knew,  I was going to be involved all summer and into the fall 
with the many meetings, informal and formal, coming together about the emerging 
"universal spirituality" or "interspiritual movement", described in great 

        * We began with meetings in Colorado in June with Fr. Thomas Keating 
(renowned interfaith pioneer) and members of his 25-year Snowmass 
Inter-Religious Initiative from which came the famous "8 Points of Agreement" 
and later the "Nine Elements of a Univeral Spirituality" elaborated by Bro. 
Wayne Teasdale in his seminal works about "interspirituality" and in the 
Snowmass Initiative book THE COMMON HEART (2006).  I made sure I shared the ABC 
of Harmony and other information on GHA and CIHE there.  See also the film on 
Fr. Keating and Interspirituality show last year at similar gatherings (Global 
Spirit/ Link TV, www.linktv.org/globalspirit) 

        * Many of us will gather again in New York City, August 23-28th 
(staying with friends, family, colleagues) etc. for more time to get to know 
each other and further process and vision.  We will add to this group many 
leaders who are available simply because they are in the New York area-- which 
is quite a batch of significant leaders, many of whom were not able to join us 
in June.  
        * Next will be the DAWN of INTERSPIRITUALTY conference in Cascadia, 
Washington (www.satyana.org) late Sept./early October 2013 where we will 
further process all this with nearly 200 leaders who are already registered for 
that conference.  That gathering begins with a 25-year reunion of Snowmass 
Inter-religious Initiative participants and then the Interspirituality 
Conference.  Significant forward strides are expected from this gathering re: 
worldwide movement.  Matthew Fox and Adam Bucko's book:  Occupy Spirituality:  
A Radical Vision for a New Generation (North Atlantic books) will also appear 
then; and a new book by Bucko and Rory McEntee on The New Monasticism will soon 
        * Soon after, Kurt Johnson will host a presentation and panel on "The 
Emerging Universal Spirituality" at the Science and Nonduality Conference (San 
Rafael, CA) Oct. 23-27 in October (see soon, www.scienceandnonduality.com) 
[with Matthew Fox, Edward Bastian, Cassandra Vieten and Rupert Spira]. 

        * Next will be the "Interfaith, Interspiritual, Integral" Conference 
planned for Phoenix Arizona for Febr. 2014 (see www.ouni.org for that, still in 
the preliminary stages; an annual affair by that sector of the Interspiritual 
As you know, the "Interspiritual Movement" is a part of, and a subculture 
within, the global Interfaith Movement.  It moves from interfaith dialogue to 
the experiential realm of the inherent experience of "unity consciousness and 
Heart" common across all the world's traditions and the implications of this 
"oneness" regarding heart, love, kindness, ethics, peace, justice, world shift 
etc.  This is a movement that is just running on its own spontaneous energy, 
but in a big way!

You can see it's pioneers (from all the traditions) at 

BEST to all of you and more soon!


Rev. Dr. Kurt Johnson
A GHA-USA Vice-President and
CIHE Director

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