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Dear Prof. James T. Ranney,

Your book is very valuable for me.  we are planning to establish Law and
Harmony Research Chair under the leadership of Prof. Glen T Martin.
Thank you.

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On Tue, May 28, 2013 at 1:21 AM, James T. Ranney

> Dear Ones:  Attached, my reflections “on world peace.”  Yours truly, Prof.
> James T. Ranney****
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> Thanks, Bruce. ****
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> Most profound and moving.****
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> Saleem
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> Dear everyone,****
> For my contribution on these two holidays, I thought of peace and
> children, and it seems I had so little to offer for the children (other
> than love for my children and grandchildren - so strong, so hard to
> express). But I have thought deeply on peace and a condition of peace would
> be the greatest we could offer it to children, so I decided to focus there.
> ****
> For me, I cannot offer poetry, for publisher (if I am that) and poet
> (which I am not) seem so isolated from each other (except that both start
> with the same sound). So my chief effering today is what I found,
> tearfully, to be the little noticed kernel in the middle of my novel,
> Harmony of Nations, And, as a writer who learns things from the action of
> the novel, I realized that the core of my story was not the problem or
> solution, or even the conference of nations successfully convened at the
> conclusion, but this scene at the end of the chapter entitled "Peace in
> Matera." In this scene we see a caretaker help his horse which, as horses
> do, became so crazed by a raging fire that he ran into the flames. After
> the heroic rider steered the horse out of the flames we see this
> conclusion. For me, it became the solution when it comes to peace, but I am
> left wondering. Who to steer, What to steer? How to steer? What to hide
> under the cupped hands. Who who to hide it from.Regardless, still convinced
> this is the solution we need, I offer the following extract from my novel.
>  ****
> The caretaker tasted fresh rain as it streamed down his face and he knew
> that the vineyards were safe after all. He looked around the burning
> artichoke field. That was when he saw Giulia frantically restraining the
> crazed horse. He sped to her side.  ****
> "Horse!" he shouted.  He managed to stand in front of the animal. The
> horse settled long enough for him to reach up with strong hands cupped in
> gentle blessing over the animal's sweet eyes. And that settled the horse,
> for all he had needed was a set of blinders.  ****
> Giulia breathed a sigh of relief.  ****
> And there was peace. ****
> ** **
> God bless,****
> Bruce Cook****

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