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Thanks, Bruce.

Most profound and moving.


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Dear everyone,

For my contribution on these two holidays, I thought of peace and children, and 
it seems I had so little to offer for the children (other than love for my 
children and grandchildren - so strong, so hard to express). But I have thought 
deeply on peace and a condition of peace would be the greatest we could offer 
it to children, so I decided to focus there.

For me, I cannot offer poetry, for publisher (if I am that) and poet (which I 
am not) seem so isolated from each other (except that both start with the same 
sound). So my chief effering today is what I found, tearfully, to be the little 
noticed kernel in the middle of my novel, Harmony of Nations, And, as a writer 
who learns things from the action of the novel, I realized that the core of my 
story was not the problem or solution, or even the conference of nations 
successfully convened at the conclusion, but this scene at the end of the 
chapter entitled "Peace in Matera." In this scene we see a caretaker help his 
horse which, as horses do, became so crazed by a raging fire that he ran into 
the flames. After the heroic rider steered the horse out of the flames we see 
this conclusion. For me, it became the solution when it comes to peace, but I 
am left wondering. Who to steer, What to steer? How to steer? What to hide 
under the cupped hands. Who who to hide it from.Regardless, still convinced 
this is the solution we need, I offer the following extract from my novel.

The caretakertasted fresh rain as it streamed down his face and he knew that 
the vineyardswere safe after all. He looked around the burning artichoke field. 
That waswhen he saw Giulia frantically restraining the crazed horse. He sped to 

"Horse!"he shouted.  He managed to stand in frontof the animal. The horse 
settled long enough for him to reach up with stronghands cupped in gentle 
blessing over the animal's sweet eyes. And that settledthe horse, for all he 
had needed was a set of blinders. 
Giuliabreathed a sigh of relief. 
And there waspeace. 

God bless,

Bruce Cook

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