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> On Dec 19, 2013, at 8:50 AM, Jacqueline Ripstein 
> <info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> My dearest Dr. A. K. Merchant
> I Humbly and truly appreciate your vision... I Am with you, we Are One...
> After 3 years where sickness became an opportunity and Destiny was playing on 
> me a challenge that ended in a Gift, 
> A Book was born last week, and my life's Mission ignited with it to a Higher 
> Level of Consciousness...I Am here to help 
> Create a World of love and Peace that dwells from a Higher Vision,  from 
> Love...From Peace...From Oneness...From Compassion
> I share with you with love please take 2 min to view the Book's Trailer...
> ..."My wish is that this book’s inspirational messages and art will aid men 
> and women to reunite with their Higher Selves, manifesting the Light of Our 
> Creator through every action. Together, we can create harmony among all 
> people, while respecting and restoring balance with Mother Earth and the 
> Universe. May the Light of our Creator shine through our every thought, word, 
> and deed, and may we leave a legacy to our children and their children as we 
> give birth to a World of Peace and Love...." Jacqueline Ripstein©
> "The only battle to be won is to conquer ourselves first. It is up to us to 
> confront the truth of our reality: either we awaken and begin to make small 
> changes to help rebuild our world, or we sit down, do nothing, and let chaos 
> take over our humanity. You decide...." Jacqueline Ripstein.©
> The Art of HealingArt: The Keys to Power & Awareness.
> BOOK TRAILER: http://youtu.be/XMaEceqermU
> www.TheArtofHealingArt.com
> Peacefully Yours, 
> Jacqueline Ripstein
> Fine Artist & Author
> Art Healing Pioneer & World Peace Envoy 
> *United Nations ECOSOC representative of the International Association
> of Educators for World Peace.
> http://www.jacquelineripstein.com info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
> www.TheArtofHealingArt.com
> www.IAEWP.net    
> >Facebook --> >http:/www.facebook.com/artistjacquelineripstein
> >https://www.facebook.com/theartofhealingart?ref=ts&fref=ts
> Fax 305 682 8940
> One Voice...One humanity...Peace to all!ב"ה
>> On Dec 19, 2013, at 7:57 AM, AK Merchant <ak9merchant@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Dear and esteemed Friends, 
>> Thanks a lot for the heart-stirring poem and the paintings by Jacqueline 
>> Ripstein.  I, truly, subscribe to her vision of wholeness and the spirit of 
>> longing. 
>> Viewed from this perspective prejudice, war and exploitation by those in the 
>> society who occupy a dominant position have been the expression of immature
>> stages in a vast historical process and that the human race is today 
>> experiencing the unavoidable tumult which marks its collective coming of age 
>> is a reason
>> for despair but a prerequisite to undertaking the stupendous enterprise of 
>> building a peaceful world. I firmly believe that such an enterprise is 
>> possible, that the
>> necessary constructive forces do exist, that unifying social structures can 
>> be erected.  Moreover, the catastrophes and turmoil in present-day society, 
>> I am 
>> convinced, far from signalizing the end of civilization is pushing humanity 
>> ever more rapidly to release the potentialities inherent in the innermost 
>> reality of every 
>> human being so that the full measure of his destiny on earth can be revealed.
>> With season's best wishes. 
>> Yours sincerely, 
>> Dr. A. K. Merchant
>> National Trustee, Lotus Temple & Baha'i Community of India  
>> 2013/12/19 Adolf Shvedchikov <adolfps@xxxxxxxxx>
>>> To all members of GHA from Adolf Shvedchikov
>>> Inbox
>>> x
>>> Adolf Shvedchikov <adolfps@xxxxxxxxx>
>>> to gha
>>> My dear friends! Now is the end of 2013, it is time for everyone to ask
>>> himself: what to do for the prosperity of new generation in the future?
>>> Together with American painter Jacqueline Ripstein we tried to call
>>> into question emotionally.  If you have some other ideas about
>>> transforming of modern societies and to make the life of mankind more
>>> peaceful, please think about that, do not stay indifferent to this vitally
>>> important problem. The fate of new generation is in our hands!
>>> Adolf Shvedchikov
>>> Vice President GHA - Russia
>>> Scientist, chemical physics, PhD, LittD
>>> Poet and translator,
>>> A member of many international literary associations,
>>> Author of 16 books of poetry.
>>> Email:  adolfps@xxxxxxxxx
>>> Conteúdo 
>>> GeralCulturaEsporteSaúdeEducaçãoAtualidadesTecnologiaGastronomiaPolíticaEconomia
>>> Últimas notícias
>>> Florbela Espanca
>>> Capa / Conteúdo Geral / Atualidades / TO MY UNKNOWN MAN AND WOMAN by Adolf 
>>> P. Shvedchikov and “Generatios”, 1989 by ©Jacqueline Ripstein (USA)
>>> TO MY UNKNOWN MAN AND WOMAN by Adolf P. Shvedchikov and “Generatios”, 1989 
>>> by ©Jacqueline Ripstein (USA)
>>> Postado por: Marcantonio 03/12/2013 em Atualidades, Conteúdo Geral, 
>>> Pintura, Poesia Deixe um comentário
>>> ©Jacqueline Ripstein (USA) “Generatios”, 1989
>>> I am an Eternal spirit of Harmony
>>> Wandering in the Universe,
>>> Trying to awaken souls,
>>> Waiting for radiant smile
>>> Which appears on the eager lips.
>>> But I never know when a new love will come
>>> Or when everything might be reduced to dust.
>>> I expect that a blue reflection of Earth
>>> Will appear in your wondrous eyes.
>>> I don’t know when the feather of the Fire bird
>>> Will touch your heart.
>>> Will you bind me by a golden chain
>>> Or will you disappear like a haze?
>>> I want to be with you as a flap of a wing,
>>> I am ready to fall madly in love
>>> And realize all your dreams!
>>> I am an Eternal spirit of Harmony,
>>> I am the hearth for the unknown Man and Woman,
>>> I am their connecting half,
>>> I am the Fire of Love on the trembling lips!
>>> ©Jacqueline Ripstein (USA) “Generatios”, 1989
>>> Я – дух Гармонии, блуждающий в веках.
>>> Влюблённых звёздной пылью осыпая,
>>> Я вечно странствую и никогда не знаю,
>>> Проснутся ль души на свой риск и страх?
>>> И заиграет ли на жаждущих губах
>>> Улыбка, вся наполненная светом,
>>> Пахнёт ли снова ярым жаром лета
>>> Иль обратится в пепел всё и прах?
>>> Заголубеет ли Земля в твоих глазах,
>>> Коснётся ль нас с тобой перо Жар – птицы,
>>> И если суждено тому случиться,
>>> В каких, скажи, гореть любви кострах?
>>> И на каких тебя носить руках,
>>> Возлюбленная, мне тогда прикажешь,
>>> Златою цепью навсегда ли свяжешь
>>> Иль растворишься дымкою в горах?
>>> Единого крыла единый взмах,
>>> Не рассуждая, головою в омут!
>>> Какие струны  сердце твоё тронут,
>>> В каких уснёшь блаженных ты мечтах?
>>> Я – дух гармонии, я вечности очаг!
>>> Неведомые Женщина – Мужчина.
>>> Связующая вас я половина,
>>> Я – огнь любви на трепетных устах!
>>> © Adolf P. Shvedchikov, PhD, LittD
>>> International Poet of Merit (RUSSIA)
>>> © Адольф Шведчиков (РОССИЯ)

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