[gha] To all members of GHA from Adolf Shvedchikov

  • From: Adolf Shvedchikov <adolfps@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: gha@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2013 20:51:29 -0800

To all members of GHA from Adolf Shvedchikov
Adolf Shvedchikov <adolfps@xxxxxxxxx>

to gha
My dear friends! Now is the end of 2013, it is time for everyone to ask
himself: what to do for the prosperity of new generation in the future?
Together with American painter Jacqueline Ripstein we tried to call
into question emotionally.  If you have some other ideas about
transforming of modern societies and to make the life of mankind more
peaceful, please think about that, do not stay indifferent to this vitally
important problem. The fate of new generation is in our hands!

Adolf Shvedchikov
Vice President GHA - Russia
Scientist, chemical physics, PhD, LittD
Poet and translator,
A member of many international literary associations,
Author of 16 books of poetry.

Email:  adolfps@xxxxxxxxx

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 / TO MY UNKNOWN MAN AND WOMAN by Adolf P. Shvedchikov and “Generatios”,
1989 by ©Jacqueline Ripstein (USA)
[image: TO MY UNKNOWN MAN AND WOMAN by Adolf P. Shvedchikov and
“Generatios”, 1989 by ©Jacqueline Ripstein (USA)]
TO MY UNKNOWN MAN AND WOMAN by Adolf P. Shvedchikov and “Generatios”, 1989
by ©Jacqueline Ripstein (USA)

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*©Jacqueline Ripstein (USA) “Generatios”, 1989*


I am an Eternal spirit of Harmony

Wandering in the Universe,

Trying to awaken souls,

Waiting for radiant smile

Which appears on the eager lips.

But I never know when a new love will come

Or when everything might be reduced to dust.

I expect that a blue reflection of Earth

Will appear in your wondrous eyes.

I don’t know when the feather of the Fire bird

Will touch your heart.

Will you bind me by a golden chain

Or will you disappear like a haze?

I want to be with you as a flap of a wing,

I am ready to fall madly in love

And realize all your dreams!

I am an Eternal spirit of Harmony,

I am the hearth for the unknown Man and Woman,

I am their connecting half,

I am the Fire of Love on the trembling lips!

*©Jacqueline Ripstein (USA) “Generatios”, 1989*



Я – дух Гармонии, блуждающий в веках.

Влюблённых звёздной пылью осыпая,

Я вечно странствую и никогда не знаю,

Проснутся ль души на свой риск и страх?

И заиграет ли на жаждущих губах

Улыбка, вся наполненная светом,

Пахнёт ли снова ярым жаром лета

Иль обратится в пепел всё и прах?

Заголубеет ли Земля в твоих глазах,

Коснётся ль нас с тобой перо Жар – птицы,

И если суждено тому случиться,

В каких, скажи, гореть любви кострах?

И на каких тебя носить руках,

Возлюбленная, мне тогда прикажешь,

Златою цепью навсегда ли свяжешь

Иль растворишься дымкою в горах?

Единого крыла единый взмах,

Не рассуждая, головою в омут!

Какие струны  сердце твоё тронут,

В каких уснёшь блаженных ты мечтах?

Я – дух гармонии, я вечности очаг!

Неведомые Женщина – Мужчина.

Связующая вас я половина,

Я – огнь любви на трепетных устах!

*© Adolf P. Shvedchikov, PhD, LittD*

*International Poet of Merit (RUSSIA)*

*© Адольф Шведчиков (РОССИЯ)*

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