[gha] Re: The UN Decade of Interfaith Harmonious Education for 2014-2024 Proposal Comment by Ernesto Kahan

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  • Date: Mon, 4 Mar 2013 08:18:41 +0200

Dear friends, Leo and all

I agree with Norm and Laj, that justice is important to achieve a harmonic 
civilization. The great question is what is first justice, tolerance or 
During years I have sustain that before this achievement it will be necessary  
to make an universal agreement towards harmony, and for that a world wide 
campaign for tolerance will be the key issue. 

The present  Interfaith Harmonious Education for 2014-2024 Proposal is 
important. However we should not forget the great power of people without any 
religion, like myself.

Another point is "harmonization of science and religion". I recognize that I do 
not understand if we are talking about "harmonization" of each part separately  
- What is harmonization of science? Maybe, what may pretend to say is the 
creation of a constructive dialogue among them towards an harmonic world.

Made these observations I agree with the program.
Ernesto Kahan

Prof. Emeritus Dr. Ernesto Kahan MD University Professor - Poet - Physician

Tel Aviv University, Israel. 

1st Vice President & Secretary General- World Academy of Arts and Culture USA

Former Vice President of IPPNW (Association awarded the Nobel Peace Prize) and 
the actual president of the Israeli Branch

Honorary President co Founder United Nations of Letters

Honorary President of SIPEA - International Society of Poets Writers and Artists

Vice President Intl Forum for Literature and Culture of Peace (IFLAC)

Co-President -UHE- International Union of Hispano-American Writers

Former 1st Vice President. Global Harmony Association (GHA). GHA World Harmony 

From: Laj Utreja 
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Subject: [gha] Re: The UN Decade of Interfaith Harmonious Education for 
2014-2024 Proposal

Dear All: 
I concur with Norm in stating that it is impossible to achieve harmony without 
justice, whether caused by economics, politics or faith. Two of the most 
important factors that compromise our ability to properly and correctly address 
the issues that we face are the man-made divisions of the powerful and the 
powerless and the economics of global trade. However, unjustified wars, 
disproportionate wealth-gaps, inequitable access to food, healthcare, 
education, opportunity and fair governance remain related factors. These 
factors contribute to differences that cause conflicts. The differences that 
really cause conflict are the resulting human suffering and injustice. That's 
where harmony is important.
Love and regards,
Laj Utreja

On Sun, Mar 3, 2013 at 4:26 PM, Norman Kurland <thirdway@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

  I say this reluctantly, but I fail to see any mention of Justice as an 
essential condition for achieving Peace, Harmony or Love.  I totally agree with 
Pope Paul VI that "If you want Peace, work for Justice."  For definition of 
such terms as "Justice," "Social Justice," or Economic Justice" see the Just 
Third Way Glossary at http://www.cesj.org/definitions/glossary.html.  For a 
vision that would deliver Peace, Prosperity and Freedom through Justice for 
all, see http://www.cesj.org/thirdway/paradigmpapers/jtw-greengrowth.pdf.  

  While the UN, the US, the Eurozone countries countries and all other nation 
states are failing to address the injustices of the global economy, the good 
people now associated with GHA can succeed in leading the way to a solution by 
reflecting on the message delivered in 1987 by President Ronald Reagan at 
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06vP84SqnS4.  And to strengthen the bonds of the 
GHA in its educational outreach to interfaith leaders and scholars in all 
cultures, we should all seriously consider the wisdom of other global moral 
leaders in the attached set of quotes.

  In Justice,

Norman G. Kurland, J.D.
Center for Economic and Social Justice (CESJ)
P.O. Box 40711, Washington, DC 20016
(O) 703-243-5155, (F) 703-243-5935
(E) thirdway@xxxxxxxx
(Web) http://www.cesj.org

"Own or be owned." 

  On 3/3/13 6:06 PM, maytham.alsalman@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

    Dear Interfaith friends and partners 

    I am fully supportive of the idea hoping it matures into an initiative 

    Love and respect to all

    Sheikh Maytham Al Salman
    Bahrain Interfaith 

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    On Mar 4, 2013, at 12:23 AM, María Cristina Azcona <mcrisazcona@xxxxxxxxx> 

      I  strongly agree with the proposal and the document 

      Maria C Azcona

      2013/3/2 Leo Semashko <leo.semashko@xxxxxxxxx>

        Dear GHA members, interfaith friends,

        An excellent idea matured within the GHA: the idea UN Decade of 
Interfaith Harmonious Education for 2014-2024, which requires a logical and 
organizational completion. 

        The first and most important. Implementation of this idea will 
significantly enhance the harmonizing social mission of States, the UN members, 
and religions and their churches in the life of society through the development 
of global harmonious interfaith education. The issue of enhancing the social 
role of the state and religion through harmonious education is very important 
for both of them in our time of burgeoning social and religious conflicts in 
the world. The harmonizing social mission of state and religion is very 
relevant and for the population, which faces growing global challenges 
demanding from them adequate responses in a non-violent way of global 
harmonious interfaith education, rather than on a way of global militarization 
and violent solutions.

        Second. The need for global interfaith harmonious education has reached 
a new level to meet the challenges of globalization in the 21st century. The 
existing system of national, common and elite education does not respond to the 
global challenges of our time and fails to prepare the young generations for 
non-violent harmonious solutions to any social problems. This is a key flaw of 
modern education that can be overcome only in harmonization as in interfaith 
perspective, and through harmonization of science and religion.

        These two key global motives determine the relevance and necessity of 
the UN Decade of Interfaith Harmonious Education for the years 2014-2024, which 
will give a good start and order for the most favorable global trends of 
spiritual and educational nature. The common good of this UN Decade is so 
obvious that it requires no special logical proofs.

        Organizing to complete this idea may proceed from its initiation within 
the UN by any organizations involved in the UN one way or another. This can be 
the Interfaith Coalition of Partnership with the UN, or the head of any state 
who can offer this idea in the UN General Session. Obviously, the most logical 
initiator of this idea may be Jordan's King Abdullah II as the initiator of the 
World Interfaith Harmony Week in the UN, 2010. In this regard, we propose to 
add the GHA offers to Jordan's King in the GHA Project of Interfaith Harmony as 
a new, ninth point with the following content: 

        Initiate in the UN, as a development of initiative 2010, a proposal of 
the UN Decade of Interfaith Harmonious Education for 2014-2024, which will 
strengthen a harmonizing mission of state and religion in global society in a 
non-violent peacemaking way of qualitative renewal of the education system in 
the world, especially in the direction of interfaith harmony instead of 

        We offer within three days, until March 5, inclusively, to discuss this 
proposal and include it in the GHA Interfaith Harmony Project, in section 9: 

        We understand that the common benefit of this proposal is so obvious 
that it requires no special discussion. There may be a difference only in the 
formulations of this proposal. Therefore, in this case, we will take your 
silence as a sign of consent and approval of this proposal and welcome all of 
its amendments to improve it. Thank you for supporting this proposal. 

        Best harmony wishes,

        Dr. Leo Semashko, GHA President 
        Dr. Bruce Cook, GHA-USA President 


      María Cristina Azcona

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