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Nrm Kurland has kindly provided a further explanation of the Just Third Way
approach, which is essential in efforts to achieve world peace. This
excellent publication is a quick read and well worth your attention.

In Norm's words, this paper, along with the vision of Garry Davis for World
Government of World Citizens, offer:

"...a  comprehensive structural approach for building a more just global
free market economic system in which Peace will be based on Economic
Justice and a property- and limited government-based version Economic
Justice will become the basis of attracting billions of people to see the
political value of a global State with well-defined and extremely limited
economic powers that would transcend the economic systems within all
nations in the existing nation-state system.

"Anarchy best describes the set of relationships among nation states
[which] have no systemic way of addressing conflicts that lead to war.  The
UN and any World Federation do not address the economic injustices that
produce conflict.  They also fail to eradicate poverty in today's world.
Neither can a superpower like the United States, as is evident in our
failure to stop barbarism in Syria, let alone our inability to address
poverty and class divisions among Americans.

"These problems are solvable."

The pdf is available online:



Yours in harmony,


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