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Dear Leo and colleagues,

you are doing a very extraordinary job. I support you and I am sorry to not 
have more time to devote to it.



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Peacebealding of G20

Dear Bob,

Many thanks for your wonderful peace news about "California Democratic Party 
Endorses US Dept. of Peacebuilding" and its peace-building platform.

In this connection, our GHA offers you Peace Alliance and CDP to complement 
this platform the following key for the 21st century proposal: "To support 
creation of the Global Peace Science (GPS) under the G20 aegis through 
International Scientific Contest for the GPS best version as a scientific 
foundation of DoP and global peace on Earth in the 21st century." Do you agree 
to put this proposal in discussion of your Alliance and CDP?

U.S. Dept. of Peacebuilding (DoP) can be regarded today as an intuitive 
practical (organizational and political) embodiment of GPS. DoP and GPS are the 
two inseparable sides - practical and theoretical – of a one 21st century model 
of peacebuilding. They mutually need each other and they mutually reinforce 
each other and develop. Therefore, they are doomed to unity. GHA understands 
and recognizes this and is willing to work in this direction. Understands and 
recognizes whether it your Alliance? Is it ready to cooperate in this regard?

The first practical step in this cooperation, we see the joint (GHA-USA + your 
Alliance) letter to President Barack Obama, as a Nobel Peace Prize winner, to 
support (or initiate) at the G20 Summit on September 5-6 in St. Petersburg, the 
creation of Global Peace Science through International Science Contest 
sponsored by the G20 and under its aegis, stressing that this science is the 
necessary theoretical foundation for DoP, a bill of which has been widely 
discussed in the U.S. and is already approved by CDP and others. Support or 
initiation the GPS on the G20 Summit will provide for U.S. world leadership in 
peace-building and make the U.S. the first country in the world, which will 
make the "shift from the arms race to a peace race," bequeathed by the great 
Martin Luther King Jr. Who does not like Obama, the Democrat, and Nobel 
Laureate to support and / or initiate an idea of GPS? Who better than the GHA 
and your Alliance can write about it to Obama?

As you know, the idea of ​​GPS through an international scientific Contest 
under the G20 aegis is detailed in the GHA Open Letter to the G20 leaders, 
which I sent to you and which is published here: 

Materials of your letter 
  well illustrate that the U.S. government, like other countries, is concerned 
about weapons and considers a war priority not peace, they are neglected. This 
priority, in fact, is preserved in the G20, the Summit of which is dedicated to 
economic growth especially for the war, which is good veiled in his agenda. The 
inclusion in the Summit agenda a question of creating GPS will change the 
governments military priority to a peace priority. Another example of the 
military priority is Snowden’s small issue, which overshadowed the governments 
of USA and Russian peace priority.

To change the military priority on the peace one was possible, it is necessary 
to strengthen a weak voice of GPS for G20 by broad and strong support of global 
civil society, especially our two organizations. Without our unity, weak voice 
of GPS as a weak voice of DoP and all other peaceful weak voices will never be 
heard by governments. The idea of ​​global peace will be doomed to endless 
stagnation in the endless prosperity of the arms race and the unlimited growth 
of military spending, as it exists after the end of World War II in 1945. This 
means only one thing: preparing for the last for mankind third world war, in 
which it will destroy themselves with their own hands and their own military 
mind and military science.

If we want to change the status quo since 1945, we, as peacemakers, have, we 
simply obliged to support the GPS creation as the scientific foundation of 
global peace and all its institutions, including the DoP, UN, UNESCO, and the 
like. This is our peace duty and responsibility.

GHA welcomes your Alliance, as well as other peace organizations to understand 
and share this key peacemaking duty today.

Thank you for your understanding.

With love, best harmony wishes,


Dr Leo Semashko:
State  Councillor  of  St.  Petersburg,
Philosopher, Sociologist and Peacemaker from Harmony;
Director:  Tetrasociology Public Institute, Russia;
Founding President, Global Harmony Association (GHA);
Director, GHA Website "Peace from Harmony": 
Global Peace Science from Harmony: 
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My Web page: 
Address: 7/4-42 Ho-Shi-Min Street, St. Petersburg 194356, Russia
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California Democratic Party Endorses
U.S. Dept. of Peacebuilding!
Some exciting news out of California.  Thanks to our CA Peace Alliance 
organizers, and other key supporters, the CA Democratic party recently endorsed 
legislation to establish a U.S. Department of Peacebuilding and a peacebuilding 
This is a meaningful development.  CA Democratic party (CDP) only endorses a 
handful of bills each session -- and it's some of the most comprehensive 
peacebuilding support in any party platform in the nation.  In fact, neither 
party has done a good job of including peacebuilding language in their 
platforms, and with CA being the largest state in the union, this could help 
set a trend.

Lily Marie, Nancy Merritt, Jeriln Stapleton @ TPA booth.

New provisions to both the CDP Platform of 2012 and DoP 2013 include:

  *   Provide for public education programs that promote tolerance and respect 
for diversity
  *   Create school and community cultures where students and staff are free 
from bullying and harassment by implementing curricula in nonviolent conflict 
resolution education for teachers, students, parents, school community and 
community at large
  *   Assist in re-entry for incarcerated individuals by including training in 
anger management, peacebuilding skills, life skills, education and job skills
  *   Assist in creatingstrong & healthy families, including supporting mental 
health service, domestic violence prevention, gang prevention, anti-bulling 
programs, substance abuse prevention, and parenting skills
  *   Providerestorative justice programs in the criminal justice system to 
bring together offenders, victims, and community members to repair harm through 
accountability and rehabilitation.

Big props to our CA team, and all those who helped! Their vigilance and hard 
work paid off.
"CDP officials told us to make them support peacebuilding -- and that’s just 
what we did.  We took peacebuilding to the Party.  Hard work, strategy, 
education, networking, coalition building and some luck resulted in the CDP’s 
dual peacebuilding endorsements. This involved not only blood, toil, sweat and 
tears, but also perseverance, learning, listening, connecting, alignment of the 
stars and real joy...” said Nancy Merritt, Peace Alliance State Coordinator.
Read the Full 
You can read Nancy's full report, with many inspiring details and quotes.
You can also watch a 
 of the proceedings and check out all the photos on 

Bob Baskin

Waiting for Legislation Committee testimony to begin - Nancy Merritt, Saundra 
Andrews, Darren Parker, Jerilyn Stapleton.

Whereas, violence in America cuts across age, gender, sexual orientation, 
gender identity, disability, ethnicity, religion, and nationality, and 
negatively impacts the quality of life, erodes social values and standards of 
morality, deteriorates national morale, and creates a culture that 
systematically reproduces violence by the use of force and violence as means of 
defense and security domestically and internationally, and
Whereas, funding of domestic and international wars on crime, immigration, 
terrorism, and so on drains the U.S. and global economy and a recent report 
from the Institute for Economics and Peace estimates that in the U.S. violence 
containment costs around 15% of Gross Domestic Product each year and is the 
largest discrete industry in this country, costing around $2.16 trillion 
dollars annually, and
Whereas, the epidemic of violence in America must be contained through the 
implementation of nonviolent strategies to remedy the effects of gang violence, 
domestic abuse, sexual violence, and gun violence domestically; as well as to 
alleviate growing international tensions and help resolve civil wars and 
international conflicts the United States has pledged to support.
Therefore Be It Resolved, the California Democratic Party encourages state and 
national legislatures to support research by government agencies and NGOs to 
identify and address the root causes of violence in our society, and supports 
the implementation of education and training programs in nonviolent conflict 
resolution in public agencies and in public schools.
Be it Further Resolved, the California Democratic Party will support policy 
initiatives that will advance peacebuilding domestically and internationally on 
the local, state, and national level.
“For me this has been a five year journey starting when I was a proxy delegate 
to the 2008 Convention and took HR 808 to the Women’s Caucus.  So, I’m 
extremely grateful for the CA Democratic Endorsement Team,” said Jerilyn 
Stapleton, CA TPA, Southern CA State Coordinator.

This accomplishment is a result of participation of this Team.  “I’m amazed how 
a small group of thoughtful and well-organized people have changed the CDP 
world,” said Brian Gibbs, CA TPA, San Diego volunteer.

“This is the most important bill under consideration by the committee … the 
purpose of a committee endorsement is to announce to the CA Democratic 
delegation that this is of utmost importance to  the CDP,” said committee 
member David Sonneborne (Orange).

Committee member Susie Shannon (Los Angeles), said, “Forty-three city and other 
governmental counsels have endorsed this.  Numerous organizations have 
endorsed, including Amnesty International, the Global AIDS Alliance, the 
National Organization for Women, a chapter of NAACP. This is really important 
particularly given where we are in the history of this country.  We must start 
addressing these issues  — domestic violence, bullying, how many children have 
to die in schools, how many children need to die like Trayvon Martin given the 
‘stand your ground’ laws?”

Other committee member comments include:

  *   At the subcommittee stage, “I was opposed.  I have been on the fence 
about this – not about the bill itself, the bill is a great bill, but on 
whether this reaches the level of our top twenty-five bills  … I have to say 
the testimony, especially from Barbara Lee’s office, was very persuasive … I 
will vote for it.”  (Richard Matthews, Porter Ranch)
  *   “We have got to turn this [trend of violence] around …”  (Carole Lutness, 
  *   There have been funding cuts for organizations that deal with domestic 
violence issues – HR808 would address these issues.  (Bobbie Jean Anderson, Los 
  *   “HR808 talks about 85% [of the funding] being for domestic violence 
prevention, but I also want to talk about what’s happening with the 15% in 
international violence and how this country is perceived in one war after 
another.  We need to make statement that we need Department of Peacebuilding 
now.”  (Harpreet Sandhu, Richmond)
  *   “This bill was written before Trayvon Martin [was killed] and before some 
of other massacres we’ve seen in last few months.  These massacres just remind 
us that the time is now for us to take a position on this … I know the 
legislative analyst has said this bill has a 1% chance of passing in this 
Congress – is that a reason for us to take no position?  I don’t think so.”  
(Igor Tregub, Berkeley)

Read all the details in the full 

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