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Great!!!  Non-violent way is Peace road!
Best regards, Kae Morii

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World Citizens Call for a Ceasefire and Renewed Good-faith Negotiations by All 
Parties in Syria

Rene Wadlow*


            World Citizens have called for good-faith negotiations among all 
the parties from the start of the demonstrations in March 2011 which had begun 
in a spirit of non-violence.  Neither the Government nor the oppositions were 
willing to set an agenda or a timetable for such good-faith negotiations.  The 
Government held out vague promises for reform but without details and without 
open discussion among those concerned. As the fighting has escalated, the 
possibility of good-faith negotiations has increasingly faded, despite efforts 
by the UN mediators to facilitate such negotiations.


         Discussion of specific issues for reform or setting an overall agenda 
seems impossible for the moment.  However, there is a growing awareness that 
there is a dangerous stalemate and that there is no military “solution”. It is 
often at this “stalemate” stage of a conflict that the parties turn to a 
negotiated compromise.(1)  The dangers of a wider conflict with more States 
involved are real. Thus the situation requires careful concerted action.


         The use of chemical weapons in violation of the 1925 Geneva Protocol 

( by Government forces or by the armed oppositions) has added an additional 
element of danger but not modified the stalemated structure of the conflict.


         Therefore, the Association of World Citizens calls upon the Syrian 
Government, armed oppositions, and representative associations of Syrians to 
initiate a ceasefire followed quickly by good-faith negotiations.


         The Association of World Citizens calls upon all other States to 
refrain from arming or in other ways strengthening the military capacities of 
the Government’s armed forces and the armed forces of the armed oppositions.  
Other States should, through the United Nations and through other institutions, 
encourage good-faith negotiations.


         The Association of World Citizens calls upon Non-governmental 
Organizations, both Syrian and international, to facilitate the transition from 
the ongoing violence to a situation conducive to creative dialogue.


1) See: Louis Kriesberg and Stuart Thorson.(Eds). Timing the De-Escalation of 
International Conflicts (Syracuse University Press, 1991)


         *Rene Wadlow, President, Association of World Citizens









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