[gha] Re: Study of Spheral Classes in Educational Institutions

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Study of Spheral Classes in Educational Institutions
Dear friend, Dr. T. Ashok Chakravarthy, D.Lit.,

Your poem and your Intentions are great, however I must clarify that today we 
cannot be able to transplant eyes, except the cornea, which is a very common 
procedure. The cornea can be taken without problems from cadavers, thus the 
'Donation of human eyes' after death is like to donate glasses. 

Again I support your pure heart and superb poetry
Big huge

Prof. Emeritus Dr. Ernesto Kahan MD University Professor - Poet – Physician
Tel Aviv University, Israel. 
Academician - International Academy of Sciences, Technology, Education and 
Humanities (AICTEH) - Spain 
Honorary President- Israeli Association Writers. Spanish Branch
1st Vice President - World Academy of Arts and Culture USA
Former Vice President of IPPNW (Association awarded the Nobel Peace Prize) and 
the actual president of the Israeli Branch
Hon President United Nations of Letters
Honorary President of SIPEA – International Society of Poets Writers and Artists
Vice President Intl Forum for Literature and Culture of Peace (IFLAC)
Co-President -UHE- International Union of Hispano-American Writers
1st Vice President. Global Harmony Association (GHA)


Is it possible to receive an eye transplant?
Rachel Bishop, M.D.
Staff Clinician
National Eye Institute

It is possible to transplant one part of the eye—the clear outer covering, 
called the cornea. But despite advances in the science of organ 
transplantation, it's not currently possible to receive a complete eye 
transplant, says NEI ophthalmologist Rachel Bishop, M.D. 

More than 1 million nerve fibers connect each eye to the brain. "At this time, 
we're not able to reconstruct those connections," Dr. Bishop explains. "Those 
connections are brain tissue, and we can't do brain transplants either."

Corneal transplantation, however, is a relatively routine procedure. More than 
40,000 corneal transplant surgeries are performed each year, according to the 
Eye Bank Association of America. The procedure involves removing damaged cornea 
tissue and replacing it with clear cornea tissue, usually donated through an 
eye bank. Read more about corneal transplantation.

If an injury or disease causes so much damage that an eye must be removed, a 
person could wear a prosthetic or artificial eye for cosmetic purposes. "People 
who lose an eye should also wear protective glasses to avoid injuring the other 
eye," Dr. Bishop says. 

From: Tholana Ashok Chakravarthy 
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Subject: [gha] Re: Study of Spheral Classes in Educational Institutions

Dear Well wishers

Kindly promote the cause of 'Donation of human eyes' after
death.  Throw the light in the lives of blind people and let them
see and learn of this beautiful world and nature.

Find the attached poem to SUPPORT THIS CAUSE

Poetically Yours

Dr. T. Ashok Chakravarthy, D.Lit.,
International Poet – Review Writer
Universal Peace Ambassador,
Vice-Chair, Global Harmony Association,
# 16-2-836/L, Plot-39
Madhavnagar, Saidabad,
Hyderabad – 500 059 [AP] INDIA

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Dear GHA members, friends,

We together with Glen are pleased to invite you, especially those who work or 
associated with educational institutions - school, college or university, to 
conduct an elementary statistical study of dynamics of the spheral classes in 
it since 2000. The program of this study in 3 pages is presented in the 

This study is a tiny fraction of fundamental research of spheral classes of the 
population in the four countries: India, Russia, U.S. and Kazakhstan 
(www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=579). Four spheral classes of the 
population is a global social structure that is identical at all levels, 
beginning with the family and the school and ending with the social world of 
humanity in general. The spheral classes are a source of social harmony, the 
ultimate cause of global peace and its actors. Therefore, knowledge of them at 
the elementary level of the basic educational institutions is a necessary 
element of social literacy of each person. Unfortunately, these classes are 
still unknown to social science, so people and governments remain ignorant in 
knowledge of fundamental social structure of global harmony as a source of 
global peace. These classes are objective alternative to Marx’s antagonistic 
economic classes and all other private groups that constitute the source of all 
social violence, injustice and war in any society. 

The GHA members as the first organization in the world, owning this scientific 
information, which most fully represented in the ABC of Harmony 
(www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=478), are invited on own experience in 
an independent simple statistical study to meet these classes. It will be our 
harmonious enlightenment. 

Besides, the author of each such study, which will send a report about it in 
one page and which will be published in the GPS book will be a coauthor of this 
unprecedented peaceful science. The study requires a minimum of time, only 2 – 
8 hours, depending on the availability of statistics. This study you can spend 
on any day in February. Comparison of the results of your reports and 
interpretation of the dynamics will be held us together in a special article. 
You will be co-authors in it. Your reports will be a significant contribution 
to the empirical basis of GPS. It will fill your peacekeeping work by 
scientific knowledge. 

We welcome your any comments and thank you for your participation in this 
study. Thank you. 

Best wishes for peace from scientific knowledge of harmony,

The GPS book Editors:
Dr. Leo Semashko, 
GHA President 
Prof. Glen T. Martin, 
Chair, Radford University Peace Studies: 
President, World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA),
President, Institute on World Problems (IOWP);  
Radford, Virginia, USA
      Email: gmartin@xxxxxxxxxxx 

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