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  • From: Takis Ioannides <takis.ioannides@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2013 09:37:16 +0300

Dearest sister in soul Kae,
The bridges of peace and love are still unused...
You know it better than me
I am out of Athens now for so days.
Every day I listen of families with many children without food, at all, and
Fortunately the solidarity is in force in Greece.
But many fellow humans who live with dignity prefer to suffer instead to
say that they have no food....
our politics are awful. Then concern only for banks money, while people
Our scientists are living abroad, 320000 left till now.....
Poverty greats violence, and this is another main problem.
I am wandering how people who govern us can sleep in nights while people
around them suffer.......

I am thinking of you
With love and respect


I am out Athens for some days.

Στις Κυριακή, 23 Ιουνίου 2013, ο χρήστης moriikae έγραψε:

>   Dear Takis,
> Your poem is hi-great!!!    Your view is clear, your thought is profound,
> and full of human love.
> Best regards, Kae Morii[image: ??]
>   ------------------------------
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> *Sent:* Thursday, 20 June 2013 2:51 PM
> *Subject:* [gha] The briges of PEACE, poem by Takis Ioannides for the
> global PEACE
>>  The bridges of PEACE
>> The humanity affairs like ungoverned ships
>> are crushed on the undersea reefs
>> she builds years and nowadays.
>> We forgot our ability to fly where we wish
>> with our free thoughts.
>> We suffocate inside our deceptive -
>> protective armors of egoism.
>> We are balloons which deflate
>> by any casual pin of disharmony.
>> We locked our hearts inside the
>> materialistic safe.
>> Not synchronized,
>> we jump from cloud to cloud
>> and our life values are fallen down from our pockets.
>> We are not free, and our eyes are closed
>> covered with the veil of fanaticism.
>> Standing in a position too inconvenient
>> which gets souls pathetic, inconsiderate
>> and unbearable tired,
>> we sleep too deep, never changing side,
>> no reacting, at all.
>> We are satisfied with the hallucinated burners,
>> with the unimportant perishables.
>> We are crushed producing an deafening noise,
>> but we are unable to hear it.
>> We banished the real, the true
>> and the plasticity of our instinct
>> depriving it’s ability to hag this world
>> all around us.
>> We lost our ability to look this Life
>> directly on eyes with bravery and dignity.
>> We keep the bridges of PEACE unused.
>> Fellow humans please tell me,
>> how we shall manage to pass on the other side,
>> over our differences without PEACE bridges?
>> By Takis Ioannides,
>> student of this LIFE
>> 8 March 2013

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