[gha] Situation Update 112 paper on Human Security and Human Rights: Harmonious to Inharmonious Relations.

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>From Bishnu in Nepal...
>Enclosed herein (word and pdf formats) is the Situation
Update 112 paper on Human Security and Human Rights: Harmonious to Inharmonious
Relations.This is published by the Archives of Business Research, 2(1),
46-74, Society for Science and Education, United Kingdom. It shall be available
online at http://scholarpublishing.org/index.php/ABR or 
http://scholarpublishing.org/index.php/ABR/article/view/145/73. Also find
the status of peer review of it in the attachment. Please read page 60 box news
of how UNDP function in Nepal. Your comments and suggestions are highly
welcome. The following 12-week academic courses which are now initiating may be
of your interest:
>·         Theory of Human Security under TRANSCEND Peace University, Germany, 
at http://www.transcend.org/tpu/#course_57 and
>·         Civil-Military Relationsunder TRANSCEND Peace University, Germany,
link at http://www.transcend.org/tpu/#course_80
>·         Several other courses, please link at 
Peace University (TPU) is a world’s first online Peace University founded by
Prof. Dr. mult, Johan Galtung. He is widely known as father of academic
discipline of peace studies in the world. It is to be noted that Dr. Galtung
shall sing the certificate after the successful completion of the courses.
>It would highly be appreciated if you could distribute and/or
publish this email through all possible networks.
>Bishnu Pathak, PhD
>Board Member & Professor of Human Security Studies 
>TRANSCEND Peace University, Germany 
>Executive President (http://www.pcsc.org.np/whoweare.php)
>Peace and Conflict Studies Center (PCS Center),
Kathmandu, Nepal
>Vice President (http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=574)
>Global Harmony Association, Moscow, Russia 
>Chief Coordinator: Petition to Global Disarmament Now
>Advisory Board Member (http://journalinternaldisplacement.webs.com/about.htm)
>Journal of Internal Displacement, Canada 
>Convener (http://www.transcend.org/#members)
>TRANSCEND International (for South Asia Region),
>Panellist (http://www.janp.sfc.keio.ac.jp/JAHSS/ac2013/program2013.html
 & http://www.janp.sfc.keio.ac.jp/JAHSS/ac2013/BOOKLET_FINAL.pdf)
>Japan Association for Human Security Studies, Tokyo,
>Council Member (www.ipb.org)
>International Peace Bureau (IPB), Geneva, Switzerland
>Research Committee Member-Security and International
Relations (http://www.nonkilling.org/node/7)
>Centre for Global Nonkilling, Honolulu, Hawai, United
States of America
>Board of Advisors (http://existentialharmony.org/rp-advi.php)
>Existential Harmony Project and World Conference
>IASE Deemed University, Gandhi Vidya Mandir, Rajasthan,
>International Advisory Committee 
>P. O. Box 11374, Sukedhara
>Tel.: +977 1 4650696
>Mobile: +977 9841 345514
>Skype: dr.bishnu.pathak
>Twitter: @pathakbishnu1
>Facebook: pathakbishnu
>Email: pathakbishnu@xxxxxxxxx
>"Learn as if you will live forever; live as if you
will die tomorrow" 
 - Mohan Das Karam Chandra Gandhi
>"Tell me how you behave in conflict. I will tell you how much peace
culture you have."
 - Johan Galtung, TRANSCEND

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Attachment: ASSRJ-14-0056 Review Report (1).pdf
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Attachment: Situation Update 112-HS-HR-March 2014.doc
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