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Re: (peace from harmony) Re: [gha] Re: Yalta Invitation 2013 - WHAT IS YOUR 
CHOICE?Dear Ammar and friends,

My message might be a bit of far from you, because now I’m watching at 
Democracy and Syria.
Remembering Iraq war, we saw two types of Democracy.

UK: After the discussion of Diet, the prime minister followed the decision of 
US and France:   The president looks firstly taking initiative, considering 
their nation’s willing.

The war in mind, causes the war in reality.

After the Iraq War, the world had a lesson on false information.
This time, chemical weapon was used to kill innocent people and children.   How 
was it?   We must see the report of UN.
Which sides used?     The judgment looks difficult.    The UN report would tell 
us something about the tragedy.

As an another story, Egypt put off Democracy and controlled Media.    I was 
very surprised on that: Mursi and Muslim Brothers are Nazis    Is it true?
I don’t know why Syria might attack Israel.      

Peace in mind, makes peace in reality.

Love, Kae Morii

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