[gha] Re: SOS. Donation for Global Peace Science (GPS): your discussion and approval in your voting to February 4

  • From: Leo Semashko <leo.semashko@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Takis Ioannides <takis.ioannides@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2014 15:27:34 +0400

Dear Takis and Athanasios,

We very well understand your awful situation in Greece.  Many thanks to all of 
you for your response and support of this project in principle. 

Dear Apostolos,

We admire your noble donation and we highly appreciate it as manifestation of 
your high consciousness , spirituality and civil responsibility! Many thanks to 
you for understanding of a critical situation with our Global Peace Science 

However, allow me to emphasize once again: the main problem consists not in the 
book publication and in statistical research of dynamics of spheral harmonious 
classes of the population in the USA and Russia (in comparison) for 60 years, 
since 1950 on decades. Only this research, which will create empirical base for 
GPS, will allow to call and recognize GPS as science. 

We can't and we won't publish GPS without this research, without which we only 
discredit the concept of this science and also all its ideas, articles and 
authors, including you. We cannot allow the similar. 

However, professional statistical research, in an extreme minimum, demands 24 
thousand dollars ? on 12 thousand for each country. Therefore, we invite you to 
donate 12 or 10 thousand dollars on this research, which costs approximately as 
much how the publication. For the publication we will find other means. 

Your donation in 10-12 thousand dollars will make you the first in human 
history Laureate  of the GHA World Honorary Title: GLOBAL PEACE MAECENAS, with 
the publication of you portrait and short bio on a cover of our book "GPS". GHA 
will be happy to open GLOBAL PEACE MAECENASES Gallery with your name as GHA 
member, and as great poet, and as coauthor of GPS, and as the first in history 
GLOBAL PEACE MAECENAS! Do you agree with my proposal? If you interest some 
private details, please, allow us to discuss them personally. 

With love, best harmony wishes,


Dr Leo Semashko:
State  Councillor  of  St.  Petersburg,
Philosopher, Sociologist and Peacemaker from Harmony;
Director:  Tetrasociology Public Institute, Russia;
Founding President, Global Harmony Association (GHA) since 2005;
Director, GHA Website "Peace from Harmony": www.peacefromharmony.org
Global Peace Science from Harmony: www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=585 
In Russian: www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=606;
World Interfaith Harmony Project on the ABC of Harmony Base:
GHA Program Book, The ABC of Harmony for World Peace:
GHA Peace Video: http://youtu.be/hbxY5lREOeA;
My Web page: www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=253;
Address: 7/4-42 Ho-Shi-Min Street, St. Petersburg 194356, Russia
Phone: 7 (812) 597-65-71; Skype: leo.semahko
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/leo.semashko?ref=tn_tnmn

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  Subject: [gha] Re: SOS. Donation for Global Peace Science (GPS): your 
discussion and approval in your voting to February 4

Dear Leo And members of GHA.
Me and Athanassios Koumouris cannot send the required money due to awful 
economical crisis. The amount your ask for is my monthly pension salary! Same 
apply for Athanassios.

Dr Apostolos Paschos may publish the new book of Global Peace with his own 
money by publishing 1000 or 2000 pieces in English version in GREECE.
He may also donate all these books to GHA. he will only keep the copywrite of 
the book. The cost of transportation of books will be payed by another donator 
or GHA.

With harmonious wishes and love

Dr Apostolos Paschos
Athanasios Koumouris (blind poet)
Takis Ioannides

Στις Τρίτη, 4 Φεβρουαρίου 2014, ο χρήστης Hedva Bachrach 
<hedgad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> έγραψε:

I beg your pardon that I can not send money, because of my economic situation. 
I'm now the sole provider in the family. Hedva 

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[gha] Re: SOS. Donation for Global Peace Science (GPS): your discussion and 
approval in your voting to February 4
Sat, 01 Feb 2014 12:01:53 -0800 (PST)
Bruce Cook, AuthorMe.com <cookcomm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
gha@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <gha@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Dear Leo, Members,

I regret that I am unable to contribute. 
Yours in pursuit of harmony and peace,
Bruce L. Cook, Ph.D.
President, GHA-USA
Vice-President, GHA
Director of CSSS Publishing and Editorial team
President, World Writers Resources, Inc.
Author, Harmony of Nations: 1943 ? 2020, Just Fiction Editions, 2012
1407 Getzelman Drive
Elgin, IL 60123 USA

From: Leo Semashko <leo.semashko@xxxxxxxxx>
To: gha@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 
Cc: peace-from-harmony@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
Sent: Saturday, February 1, 2014 1:40 PM
Subject: [gha] SOS. Donation for Global Peace Science (GPS): your discussion 
and approval in your voting to February 4

Leo Semashko and Glen Martin

APPEAL to GPS Coauthors, GHA Members and Friends!
SOS for GPS:
 Global Peace of the 21st Century cannot be without it!

Rescue of drowning is the handiwork of drowning.
If not we then who else will create GPS? - No one else.

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