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MY YES. I ApproveWith Regards,Dr. Madhu Krishan

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Re: Review of ABC of Harmony

Dear Surendra,

Thank you very much for your excellent, philosophical review of the ABC of 
Harmony, which I was happy to publish it here:


Your review deserves a focus of all, so I'm glad to send it to everyone below.

Now, only at the three GHA Vice-presidents do not exist the review on this GHA 
program book:

Dr. Madhu Krishan,

Dr. N.S. Ravishankar,

Arvinder Singh,

We very hope to read your reviews soon.

With love, best harmony wishes,


Dr Leo Semashko:

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Philosopher, Sociologist and Peacemaker from Harmony;

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Review of 

The ABC of Harmony 

By Dr. Surendra Pathak*

        The idea to publish “The ABC of Harmony for World Peace, Harmonious 
Civilization and Tetranet Thinking” by Dr. Leo Semashko and GHA 75 co-authors 
from 26 countries is a very momentous & greatest contribution to a scientific 
perspective of transforming human society towards Harmonious Civilization. In 
fact, humanity can be saved by the divine and scientific concept of Harmony and 
such of publications help to achieve the purpose. Before the publication of ABC 
of Harmony, neither the most of the authors known to each other nor it was 
possible to assemble at one place to discuss the idea with each-other, time was 
very short but it seems during the process of collection, reviewing and 
editing, we have been in a beautiful journey for ages - harmony for humanity 
and humanity through spirituality in the GHA joint team. The beauty of this 
noble idea is that every one is thinking almost in a similar way, that is why 
it reflects the scientific way of thinking, in a definite scientific model. 
This publication will help the academic community to re-orient and re-structure 
the education content of the academia. 

       The philosophical vision of this book is based on the concept of 
Tetrasociology developed by famous Philosopher, Sociologist and Peacemaker Dr. 
Leo Semashko. ‘Tetranet thinking’ – Tetra models of harmonious thinking are at 
the core of this book. Human civilization has undergone many transformations 
through the ages. It has experienced many conflict-ridden isms, ideologies and 
ideas. Now in the age of Globalization we need a new scientific perspective of 
harmonious society taking us beyond conflict-ridden approaches. The ABC of 
Harmony serves this purpose. I think that to understand and re-structure the 
curriculum and the content of the education it is necessary to identify the 
existential harmonious order of everything, i.e. atom to earth (creation); 
natural human to natural human society, natural laws to constitutional laws. 
Research studies, right from the earliest literature down to recent times are 
focused on the essential cosmic harmony - interrelatedness and interdependence 
of all planets and all beings. The ABC of Harmony also manifests the scientific 
and natural way of thinking phenomenon. There is divine harmonious unity, 
symmetry, orderliness and coexistence in the phenomenal diversity. There is 
continuity in the process of evolution in the four stages of the Natural Order 
- material order, respiratory order, animal order and human order.  Every unit 
in the Nature is coherent from within and correlated to the Cosmic Harmonious 
Order. All existing living and non-living objects are self-controlled and 
inherently balanced by the Laws of Nature. Every activity is governed by the 
Laws of Nature and it functions in a harmonious manner. In order to live in 
harmony with Nature, human beings must recognize and respect its intrinsic laws 
and its vital cycles. In such a System, all the objects, being and non-beings 
have to live within their limits as determined by the Law of Nature. The human 
existence has to function and sustain itself within this System. Accordingly, 
we need to create political, economic, religious and educational institutions 
in consonance with the spirit of the laws of existential harmony. Peace & 
Harmony Education through the ABC of harmony can play very important role. 

        The ABC of Harmony leads us towards 4H vision (Tetra vision) of H1: 
Harmonic Globalization, H2: Harmonic Society, H3: Holistic Corporate Management 
(HCM) and H4: Happy Individuals. This book lies in supporting the scientific 
perspective with poetic perspectives. While ontology and epistemology of 
harmony is well articulated in the book through scientific and intuitive 
approaches. We can develop an action plan to put the ideas into to practice at 
institutional, national, global, as well in the individual level. Content of 
the book is bearing global harmonious education based on the ABC of Harmony 
world textbook. Interfaith harmony, concept of togetherness and scientific 
non-faith spirituality in the world can find a hard foundation for sustainable 
development in The ABC of Harmony. Therefore, this textbook must find the way 
to every school, college and university. The articles includes in this volume 
cover a wide range and each of authors talk about harmony at various levels. 
The book provides very important methods and tools & techniques backed up with 
the historical and philosophical theorization and it has the culture specific 
flavor. Series of researches must be carried on each aspect of the harmony is 
need for the further academic development.  

The focus on harmony which is the essence of spirituality should have been 
emphasized. The contribution from Vedas and Vedic Literature (from ancient 
Indian civilization) was made by Dr. Laj Utreja’s excellent article in the ABC: 
pp 122-126: Social Harmony in the Vedic India. The authors have emphasized 
throughout on the consciousness a part of ‘feeling’ (anubhuti). Though there is 
a chapter on ‘The Harmony Stars’, however, the feeling part is less integrated.

         The thoughts of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Dr. Charles Mercieca, Dr. Leo 
Semashko, Professor François Houtart, Dr. Ernesto Kahan, Dr. Evelin Lindner, 
Dr. Ananta Kumar Giri, etc. are a few noteworthy examples of unity in diversity 
and inter-connectedness of the world’s authors.  

         Beyond knowledge the experience comes – the harmonious experience and 
I am sure the ABC of Harmony will lead us to this experience for social 
cohesion, global peace and economic justice and spiritual awareness of self and 
society. I would like to congratulate IASE deemed university of Gandhi Vidya 
Mandir (Rajasthan) for helping in the publication of this unique book.

*Dr. Surendra Pathak

Vice President GHA and President - GHA-INDIA 

Professor & Head of the Department,

Chetna Vikas Mulya Shiksha (Value Education)

Director Research-IASE Deemed University 

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Deep University Press (http://www.deepapproach.com)

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Dear Dr. Leo,

I am sending you the review of ABC of Harmony.   Find herewith the copy of 


Dr. Surendra Pathak

Professor & Head of the Department,

ChetnaVikas Mulya Shiksha (Value Education)

Director Research-IASE Deemed University 

IASE Deemed University, Gandhi Vidya Mandir,

Sardarshahar, 331401, Dist-Churu, Rajasthan, India

Phone: 01564 223625, Fax- 01564-220057, 2236827

Mobile: +91-9414086007,  E-mail: pathak06@xxxxxxxxx

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