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Dear bruce

That's fantastic! :-)
Please write me from your point of view, what is it that you are disagreeing 
about with Leo...
Then I will ask the same question also to Leo. Once I have the point of view of 
both of you, I be able to help hopefully...

Thanks so much for your good will


Lida Sherafatmand, 

Painter and poet,
GHA Board Vice-president,
President, GHA Female Contest: "Muse of Harmony"
The ABC of Harmony coauthor
Paris and Malta 

En date de : Mar 24.6.14, Bruce L Cook <cookcomm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> a écrit :

 Objet: [gha] mediation between Leo and Bruce
 À: gha-peace@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, gha@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
 Date: Mardi 24 juin 2014, 15h03
 Dear Lida,
 I thank you for your wonderful idea. 
 It's my hope to do whatever I can to help
 heal the wounds. 
 Please let me know what I can do. 
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 On Tue,
 Jun 24, 2014 at 3:48 AM, Lida Sherafatmand <dmarc-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
 Dear Leo, Bruce, Martin, Saleem, Hedva, and all members
 I think we all agree that GHA has come along a long way, and
 I think we all appreciate the hard work of Leo and the
 contribution all members including Bruce.
 One idea suggestion to resolve the Leo-Bruce blockage, is
 mediation between the two, since their personal
 communication seems not meet each's points. perhaps
 simply due to the different use of the English language.
 If Leo and Bruce both agree, I would like to offer to
 'mediate' between the two.
 If you agree to have mediation, you can send me on this
 common list your 'clashing disagreements' and I see
 if I can help both of you hear each other better.
 Having trained in conflict resolution, and having much
 appreciation for the work of GHA, it would be a pleasure for
 me to help resolve this conflictual situation between Leo
 and Bruce.
 Now it's up to you of course..
 I'm available for mediation help if you decide to give
 it a chance. However I still suggest allow a little time to
 pass for the emotion of anger to calm down.
 Sending you warmest greetings
 Lida Sherafatmand, 
 Painter and poet,
 GHA Board Vice-president,
 President, GHA Female Contest: "Muse of Harmony"
 The ABC of Harmony coauthor
 Paris and Malta 
 En date de : Mar 24.6.14, Hedva Bachrach
 <hedgad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> a écrit :
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  Date: Mardi 24 juin 2014, 8h04
      I'm usually an observer of GHa messages.
  Unfortunately, because
        of medical problems with family at home I am
 unable to
        more, which i'd like very much. But seeing
        developments, I would like to comment. 
        1. We are different people from different
  and a variety
        of cultures. This is our way of upbringing. So,
  there are
        differences of opinion, they should be treated
  respect to
        each other and coming to a common decision, in
 the way
        2. There must be codes of honor installed in
 the GHA.
  The GHA is a
        wonderful organization which tries to eliminate
  conflicts in the
        world. Therefore it must, first and foremost,
          conflicts rise in its own circle. This is a
  must.  So I
        would suggest to think about such codes of
        with regard to variety of opinions. The winning
  opinion should be
        taken by the majority, and also respectfully
  of the
        founder of this organization, but not by
 slander and
  hurting each
        other. Not in this kind of organization, if the
  behaves like
        this, who would behave above it??? in this
        3. There are many corrupt politics in this
 world, they
  do not
        belong to one state only. Every country has
 good and
  bad in it. 
        So, we must concentrate on the good in people
 and try
  to raise
        their moral codes, in every country.. The GHA
  expanding and it
        is good. But no country with bad politics is
  than the other.
        They all have their share in anti human
 behavior. So
  let us pay
        attention to change and elevating moral values,
  not only to
        Yours, With respect
        Dr. Hedva Rabinson Bachrach

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