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Dear Leo and all

Excuses for my delay.. I'm glad this project is on .. I also agree to it and 
support the idea!

warm greetings


Lida Sherafatmand, 

Painter and poet,
GHA Board Vice-president,
President, GHA Female Contest: "Muse of Harmony"
The ABC of Harmony coauthor
Paris and Malta 

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 Objet: [gha] GHA: Sociological Monitoring of War and Peace within Global Peace 
Science (GPS) Was Approved
 À: gha@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
 Date: Lundi 20 janvier 2014, 14h46
 GHA: Sociological
 Monitoring of War and Peace within Global Peace Science
 (GPS) Was Approved 
 Dear GHA members, friends in peace,
 We, with Glen Martin, coleader of this project, are happy to
 inform you that the GHA new project,
 briefly: Monitoring of Peace and War (in
 attachment), which is the part of Global Peace Science (GPS)
 and was created within its methodology of the SOCIONOME
 (social genome of global peace from harmony) was approved
 the GHA unanimously. During the days of its discussion about
 40 peacemakers joined to it from 14 countries: Argentina,
 Armenia, Ghana, Greece, India, Israel, Kazakhstan, Nepal,
 Pakistan, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, France, and USA. The
 project has not received any "NO" during our open
 democratic public discussion and voting. This monitoring is
 a peacemaking tool of GPS and GPS is part of its scientific
 We, with Glen, express our sincere gratitude to all
 participants for this en bloc vote. We hope that to this
 project and GPS will join other peacemakers from the GHA and
 other organizations as proposed monitoring is an innovative
 and effective tool for building global peace, serving as a
 barometer of war and peace in world public opinion. What can
 prevent peacemakers from recognizing this new peace tool?
 With its simplification, for example, up to 40 instead of 80
 indicators, retaining only the most accurate figures quoted:
 "", it can be used by almost every peacemaker,
 knowing the Internet and its search engine Google. Such
 monitoring can be arranged for any continent, any region and
 any country separately in special centers. The GHA is
 currently considering the establishment of a network of
 similar monitoring centers in India, Africa, Europe, Russia,
 Kazakhstan and other countries and continents. On the basis
 of this project, the TV program "War and Peace"
 has also been established to discuss the dynamics of the
 priorities of peace and war in public consciousness, which
 is the first source of any war and any aspirations to peace
 as recorded in UN and UNESCO documents. It will be a strong
 barrier to new wars.
 The first quarterly monitoring on January 1, 2014 showed
 that, in public consciousness, the priority of war EXCEEDS
 peace priority, at least 3-9 times, and actually still is
 many times greater in view of the vast array of secret
 military information of numerous military ministries and
 departments BEYOND Internet and public consciousness as
 shown by Snowden and Wikileaks revelations. Military
 information is like an iceberg, the available part of which
 in the Internet is only the smallest part. This fact can be
 interpreted in only one way: it means that humanity today
 feasts, especially in unlimited consumption of the rich
 countries and on the arms race in time the plague (rule) of
 military consciousness may dominate everything. There are no
 other evaluations. We think that public consciousness can be
 treated and released from militaristic plague with help of
 GPS, the transformative work of peace-makers around the
 world, and acceptance of the Constitution for the Federation
 of Earth 
 Therefore, we are pleased to once again invite
 scientists-peacemakers to participate in the GPS book, the
 basic ideas, Contents in the first approximation and
 requirements to articles of which are published
 here: www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=585 
 In such dominance of military consciousness, what is
 surprising is not this fact but why humanity does not start
 out with a total war of all against all? The answer to this
 question is provided by GPS and no any other science.
  There are overwhelming ethical, social, political, and
 economic reasons for peace, which are explained in GPS.
 The GPS legal supplement is the Earth Constitution created
 by World Constitution and Parliament Association. It is now
 in the process of establishing worldwide public recognition
 (www.wcpa.biz, www.worldparliament-gov.org). 
 The monitoring project is published with new additions and
 changes in the new edition here: www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=588. 
We thank Dr. Bruce Cook, President
 of GHA-USA for its final editing. All peacemakers are
 welcome to join this project without restrictions.
 We hope that this monitoring as a necessary and effective
 peacemaking tool, which is not yet at peacemakers, will find
 support and new adherents from around the world. 
 With best wishes for peace from harmony,
 Monitoring Project Managers and GPS Co-editors:
 Dr. Leo Semashko
 GHA President 
 Dr. Glen T. Martin
  President, World Constitution and Parliament Assoc.
 (www.wcpa.biz, www.worldparliament-gov.org)
 President, Institute on World Problems
 Professor of Philosophy, Radford University (www.radford.edu/gmartin) 

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