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Dear Lida Sherafatmand!

Leo sent me this E-mail, and i had  the pleasure to see your beautiful
painting. I have one new idea about our possible cooperation like a
"tandem" (your wonderful painting and
poetry (yours + mine in English/Russian and maybe some other language). I
saw your
nudes, it might be for example your nudes + my "Body of woman" in English
and Russian.
I may translate into Russian some of your poems if necessary for such kind
of project.
Usually combination painting + poetry has much deeper effect! Anyhow i
would like to
know your opinion on this subject. If you like this idea we may discuss it
with Leo.
Hoping to hear from you soon, I remain,
Friendly yours,
Adolf Shvedchikov, Los Angeles, California, USA

Vice President, GHA-Russia,
Scientist, Chemical Physics, PhD and LittD,
Poet and Translator,
A Member of Many International Literary Associations,
Author of 13 books of poetry and poetic translations, including Shakespeare.

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On Tue, Mar 19, 2013 at 5:32 AM, Lida Sherafatmand <
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> Dear Leo
> Below in attachment is another article on the works which I had done in
> 2010 on the theme of women. This article is by an American professor who
> was educated at Oxford University and teaches in the Middle East.
> The name of the article:
> “Lida Sherafatmand: Painter and Voice of Iranian Women,”
> You may publish it on my page or women's project if you like.
> warmest regards
> Lida
> Lida Sherafatmand,
> Painter and poet,
> www.lidsher.com
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> Objet: [gha] David Ord's spiritual journey to peace from inner harmony
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> Date: Mardi 19 mars 2013, 12h21
>  To GHA from David Robert Ord
> My own life's journey reflects the theme of Peace From Harmony, in that
> when I was growing up with my fundamentalist fears and therefore dogmatism,
> there was no peace in either my inner world or external reality. Though the
> experience I most longed for was peace, it eluded me at every turn. Only
> when, inch by inch, I began to crawl out from under my fear of thinking
> outside the box into why I had been born, becoming exposed to a wider range
> of ideas, did I begin to be at harmony within myself.
> As my own interior world became increasingly harmonious, so too did my
> external world become peaceful. In this way our spiritual journey as
> individuals is a microcosm for what must happen for our species as a whole,
> which will in turn reflect in a planet whose ecosystem also return so a
> balanced state instead of threatening the existence of countless species
> that are our fellow travelers on spaceship Earth as it does at this
> critical moment in the evolutionary journey.
> In my constricted years I thought I knew the answers, whereas what was I
> was to discover was that not only did I not know the answers but I hadn't
> even heard the real questions. But life has its way of forcing us to
> confront what our fear has defended us against, shoving our noses into just
> those situations that have the power to shock, dismay, and ultimately
> awaken us to our oneness with each other, with all life, and indeed with
> all that exists. *The Coming Interspiritual Age* (*
> http://issuu.com/yorkmin/docs/the_coming_interspiritual_age*) is a
> description of a playing out on a grand cosmic scale of my own experience
> of coming to peace through inner harmony—a reflection what *
> www.peacefromharmony.org*, with its meaningful ideals and glorious goals
> is all about.
> *David Robert Ord
> *March 7, 2013
> Dear GHA Members,
>        I am pleased to present you a very interesting letter of the GHA
> new member David Ord of his spiritual journey of outside fundamentalism
> through inner harmony to inner and world peace. This is a great and simple
> illustration of typical spiritual journey of almost every one of us,
> including me.
>       I passed this way of the Soviet or Communist totalitarianism decades
> through inner harmony in my Tetrasociology as science of harmony, which I
> created in the Soviet Union and then Russia, remaining dissident so far, to
> inside and world peace through the Global Harmony Association.
>        This is a great way of our turning generation to PEACE FROM
> HARMONY, which expresses the GHA Mission and our website title: Peace from
> Harmony. Thanks to David for his deep awareness of this global trend.
>        The global world in a whole is today on this shift to Peace From
> Harmony, which is illuminated now by scientific knowledge of *the ABC of
> Harmony, The Coming Interspiritual Age* and similar holistic books.
> *Dr. Leo Semashko*,
> GHA President
> 19/03/13
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> David Ord*
> About *The ABC of Harmony
> *
> One of the significant signs of our times is the coming together of
> efforts to educate world citizenry in the unifying and harmonious message
> at the heart of all the world's religions and, at the same time, to relate
> these aspects of our deeper nature skillfully to the knowledge and gifts of
> modern science and technology. At the heart of all religions—in their
> spiritual, heart, and mystical dimensions—are the values of love, kindness,
> service, understanding and so on.
> Similarly, the purpose of our species' gifts in science and technology are
> to serve the universal values that have emerged from religion and
> philosophy. I support the direction of *the ABC of Harmony* because it
> represents one of the clear steps by religious, scientific, and
> technological leaders to shift our planetary cosmology to a unified
> cosmology of both spirit and science.
> We must bring together a mature and holistic modern cosmology going beyond
> our fractured cosmologies of the past—the Distant Creator of the western
> religions and the uncaring Grand Machine of science. At this time of
> inevitable globalization and multiculturalism, as recently written about by
> Dr. Kurt Johnson and myself in our book *The Coming Interspiritual Age*,
> we see a clear unfolding of this move toward holism. I salute *the ABC of
> Harmony* as a part of that global direction.
> **David R. Ord*
> Editorial Director, Namaste Publishing,
> *Address*: Phoenix, USA
> *Web*:*www.namastepublishing.com*; *
> http://issuu.com/yorkmin/docs/the_coming_interspiritual_age*
> *Email*: *yorkmin@xxxxxx*
> 19/03/13
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Publication: *www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=506*

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