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Dear Leo
Below in attachment is another article on the works which I had done in 2010 on 
the theme of women. This article is by an American professor who was educated 
at Oxford University and teaches in the Middle East.The name of the 
article:“Lida Sherafatmand: Painter and Voice of Iranian Women,” 
You may publish it on my page or women's project if you like.
warmest regardsLida

Lida Sherafatmand, 
Painter and poet,
GHA Board Vice-president,
President, GHA Female Contest: "Muse of Harmony"
The ABC of Harmony coauthor
Paris and Malta 

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David Ord's spiritual journey to peace from inner harmony

To GHA from David Robert Ord

My own life's journey reflects the theme of Peace From Harmony, in that when I 
was growing up with my fundamentalist fears and therefore dogmatism, there was 
no peace in either my inner world or external reality. Though the experience I 
most longed for was peace, it eluded me at every turn. Only when, inch by inch, 
I began to crawl out from under my fear of thinking outside the box into why I 
had been born, becoming exposed to a wider range of ideas, did I begin to be at 
harmony within myself.

As my own interior world became increasingly harmonious, so too did my external 
world become peaceful. In this way our spiritual journey as individuals is a 
microcosm for what must happen for our species as a whole, which will in turn 
reflect in a planet whose ecosystem also return so a balanced state instead of 
threatening the existence of countless species that are our fellow travelers on 
spaceship Earth as it does at this critical moment in the evolutionary journey. 

In my constricted years I thought I knew the answers, whereas what was I was to 
discover was that not only did I not know the answers but I hadn't even heard 
the real questions. But life has its way of forcing us to confront what our 
fear has defended us against, shoving our noses into just those situations that 
have the power to shock, dismay, and ultimately awaken us to our oneness with 
each other, with all life, and indeed with all that exists. The Coming 
Interspiritual Age 
(http://issuu.com/yorkmin/docs/the_coming_interspiritual_age) is a description 
of a playing out on a grand cosmic scale of my own experience of coming to 
peace through inner harmony—a reflection what www.peacefromharmony.org, with 
its meaningful ideals and glorious goals is all about.

David Robert Ord

March 7, 2013

Dear GHA Members,

       I am pleased to present you a very interesting letter of the GHA new 
member David Ord of his spiritual journey of outside fundamentalism through 
inner harmony to inner and world peace. This is a great and simple illustration 
of typical spiritual journey of almost every one of us, including me. 

      I passed this way of the Soviet or Communist totalitarianism decades 
through inner harmony in my Tetrasociology as science of harmony, which I 
created in the Soviet Union and then Russia, remaining dissident so far, to 
inside and world peace through the Global Harmony Association. 

       This is a great way of our turning generation to PEACE FROM HARMONY, 
which expresses the GHA Mission and our website title: Peace from Harmony. 
Thanks to David for his deep awareness of this global trend. 

       The global world in a whole is today on this shift to Peace From 
Harmony, which is illuminated now by scientific knowledge of the ABC of 
Harmony, The Coming Interspiritual Age and similar holistic books. 

Dr. Leo Semashko,

GHA President



David Ord*

About The ABC of Harmony

One of the significant signs of our times is the coming together of efforts to 
educate world citizenry in the unifying and harmonious message at the heart of 
all the world's religions and, at the same time, to relate these aspects of our 
deeper nature skillfully to the knowledge and gifts of modern science and 
technology. At the heart of all religions—in their spiritual, heart, and 
mystical dimensions—are the values of love, kindness, service, understanding 
and so on. 

Similarly, the purpose of our species' gifts in science and technology are to 
serve the universal values that have emerged from religion and philosophy. I 
support the direction of the ABC of Harmony because it represents one of the 
clear steps by religious, scientific, and technological leaders to shift our 
planetary cosmology to a unified cosmology of both spirit and science. 

We must bring together a mature and holistic modern cosmology going beyond our 
fractured cosmologies of the past—the Distant Creator of the western religions 
and the uncaring Grand Machine of science. At this time of inevitable 
globalization and multiculturalism, as recently written about by Dr. Kurt 
Johnson and myself in our book The Coming Interspiritual Age, we see a clear 
unfolding of this move toward holism. I salute the ABC of Harmony as a part of 
that global direction. 

*David R. Ord 

Editorial Director, Namaste Publishing, 

Address: Phoenix, USA


Email: yorkmin@xxxxxx 



Publication: www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=506 

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