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Dear Dr Cook, Thanks for sending the information concerning  the two 
mailing list. However, the link does not open the list. I wanted to  check who 
on the list. I thought that you could send the following text to  the two 
lists to mark 19 Feb. With all best wishes, Rene Wadlow
Kuan Yin: She who harkens to the cries of the world and                     
         restores  equilibrium 

Wise in using skilful means 
In every corner of the world 
She manifests her countless forms 
The Earth is My Home and Humanity, My Family 
Rene Wadlow* 
February 19 is a day, especially in Chinese culture, to honour Kuan Yin —  
Goddess of Mercy for the Taoists, the Bodhisattva of Compassion for the  
Buddhists. It is a day when offerings of incense are made, along with tea for  
wisdom and fruit for prosperity. The sick are brought into her presence for  
comfort. Her role is to rescue beings from present woes by assisting them 
to rid  themselves of the delusions binding them. 
One of the most persistent of delusions is a sense of separateness, of  
being unrelated to others and separate from Nature. This sense of separateness  
creates fears that what we have will be taken from us, that we must defend  
ourselves and what we own.  A sense  of separateness from Nature creates a 
feeling that we must use Nature only for  our own benefit. 
To overcome this sense of separateness, Kuan Yin opens our eyes to  beauty. 
For as Rabindranath Tagore has written “Through our sense of beauty,  we 
realize the harmony in the universe. And it is the consciousness of harmony  
in our soul that leads to the apprehension of the joy of the world.”   
Joy is a great spiritual force which illuminates and gives us power to  
serve our communities and all of humanity. It is through joy that we become one 
 with others and so participate in their suffering, in their achievements, 
and  their quest for a better life. When we have this joy in our lives, we 
sense  inner peace, a lasting peace in whatever we do, whatever we offer, and 
whatever  we receive. 
Joy allows us to be stable in this time of deep change. Responding to an  
unseen but powerful motivating force, humanity is in the midst of profound  
individual and social transformations which require a new vision. Can we 
embrace  our entire species for the first time? To do so, we need persons who 
are able to  include and not exclude, who can identify with the planet and all 
planetary  life. As Walt Whitman wrote “We see, as in the universes of the 
material  kosmos, after meteorological, vegetable and animal cycles, man at 
last arises,  borrn through them, to prove them, concentrate them, to turn 
upon them with  wonder and love — to shape them, adorn them, carry them 
This is our task as world citizens. 
Rene Wadlow, President and representative to the United Nations, Geneva, 
Association of World Citizens. 

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