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Dear Colleague,
    I do not want to get involved in the  exchanges between you and 
Transcend, in part as I write regularly for the  Transcend Media Service weekly 
presentation of articles.
    For several years in the mid-1970s  Johan Galtung and I had ajoining 
offices in Geneva but a common telephone. As he  travels a good bit, I was 
always taking phone messages for him. So, to  compensate, when he was there, he 
would pick up the phone and say "Professor  Wadlow's secretary..."
    He writes fast and so has written on  peace aspects at different 
levels, local, national and global. I have a whole  shelf of his earlier books 
that he gave me. Since he originally studied math  before turning to sociology, 
a lot of his writings have tables and sorts of  equations.  Since I count 
on my fingers, as soon as I see statistics or  equations? I stop reading.
    However, you might look at his book  True Worlds. It is part of the 
World Order Models Project to see his  work on the global level
    The editor of the Transcend Media  Service, Antonio Rossa has been 
publishing nearly each week for many months the  GHA call for disarmament. I 
would leave cooperation at that. Although I do not  understand your four levels 
approach and I do not try to understand much of  Johan's more "scientific" 
work (althouh he has some interesting ideas on the  role of mediators which 
is my focus) I do not see any bridges between the  approaches so I think 
that exchages will not go very far and will take up time  better spent 
otherwise. You may see the most recent Transcend Media  issue,  they change on 
Mondays, it has my article on Syria, the ax I am now grinding.  With best 
Rene Wadlow

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