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Happy birthday to great Nelson Mandela with his global and eternal ideas! 

Strong health and long life!!!

With love,

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Happy Birthday Legend of humanity Nelson Mandela!

With Love and Respect
takis ioannides

Στις Παρασκευή, 19 Ιουλίου 2013, ο χρήστης Guy CREQUIE έγραψε:
Oui, Nelson MANDELA est l’un des géants de l’humanisme contemporain il est 
hospitalisé, il a 95 ans,
Souhaitons-lui de pouvoir bénéficier en conscience de l’affection de sa famille 
et de son peuple
Malgré 27 années d’emprisonnement sa volonté de combattre l’apartheid a été 
sans faille, malgré les souffrances et privations, humiliations
Loin d’avoir de la rancune, il a tout fait pour réconcilier noirs et blancs en 
Afrique du sud et la réception et la victoire de l’Afrique du sud lors de la 
coupe du monde de 
rugby quelques années après sa libération avait été une merveilleux moment de 
Certes l’Afrique du sud reste confrontée à des préoccupations importantes, mais 
l’exemple de MANDELA est facteur d’espérance pour l’humanisme universel
Le nouvelle génération a besoin d’exemples, de symboles, qui donnent le sens 
,la direction humaine :celle des valeurs du respect de la vie, de toute vie :
Bon anniversaire, respect.
Yes, Nelson Mandela is one of the giants of contemporary humanism it is 
hospitalized, it is 95 years old,
Let Us Wish him to be able to profit in conscience from the affection from its 
family and her people
In Spite Of 27 years of imprisonment its will to fight apartheid was without 
fault, in spite of the sufferings and deprivations, humiliations
Far from having resentment, it did everything to reconcile black and white in 
and reception South Africa and victory of South Africa at the time of the world 
cup of 
Rugby a few years after its release had been a marvellous moment of symbiosis
Admittedly South Africa remains confronted with important concerns, but the 
example of MANDELA is factor of hope for universal humanism
The new generation needs examples, of symbols, which give the direction, the 
human direction:that of the values of the respect of the life, any life:
Good birthday, respect.
De : PeaceForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:PeaceForum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] De la part 
de moriikae
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Objet : [PeaceForum] Nelson Mandela in South Africa
Happy Birthday, dear Nelson Mandela!
Today, he had his birthday of 95 years old.  We see the beautiful celebration 
from South Africa to all over the world.
In honor of his peace road, the people did volunteered ‘ Act something better’ 
for 67 minutes like food for poor children, cleaning, and so on.   In Japan 
too, the officers of South African Embassy visited the hospital and encouraged 
the old patients.  
When I visited in spring, the eyes of the people were brightening in Fair, 
Equal, and Humanity.   
We remember his beautiful word: “we can’t forget, but we can forgive.”
We know that the eyes in hate are impure but the true eyes are clear.
After my visiting in Israel and Palestine for 2010-12, it was nice to find the 
beauty of solidarity for peace in South Africa. 
Thanks, Mandela! and South African people!    You are great leader of the world!
Love, Kae Morii
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