[gha] Peace talk between Israel and Palestine

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July 29, 2013

Dear Friend:

              The problem with the Israeli/Palestinian conflict lies with
the USA, which  is determined to defend Israel’s position, regardless of
what it says. Israel made it clear it views all of Jerusalem as its own.
Also, Israel is determined to keep the illegal confiscation of Palestinian
land and all of the settlements. Today Palestine exists only on paper.
However, the Palestinians are real people, which should be respected and be
treated fairly.

              The Israeli/Palestinian conflict may be resolved by observing
the 1967 boarders. This means all of the Israeli settlements will become
under the jurisdiction of the Palestinians. However, the Israelis living in
them may continue to do so. Also, negotiations could be held on the status
of Jerusalem where the Palestinians may make some good deals. Regardless of
the solution, the Palestinian State should be officially demilitarized.

Charles Mercieca

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3 years shabu ri on again, the Middle East peace Interference Full cross the
nuclear issue


The 29th, under the auspices of John Kerry (John Kerry) U.S. Secretary of
State, and Palestine [AFP = current events] Israel to resume peace talks in
about three years (Washington, DC) in the U.S. capital Washington, DC.
However, the Middle East peace talks more than 20 years, there is a gap in
the claims of both in the core problem still.
xXiFHNJkvPN9NSORXd1Es-;_ylt=A8vY6JgDcvZRTD8AuQ39luZ7> '65 Palestinians were
chased home from "big disaster", in each place collision demonstration and
armed forces of the

■ future "Palestinian state", the sovereignty  and the West Bank (West
Bank) Gaza Palestinians (Gaza Strip) It is determined by the territory, its
capital East Jerusalem and (east Jerusalem), the establishment of a
sovereign independent nation completely.  Israel side the other hand, has
deployed the army for a long time Jordan Valley of the West Bank (Jordan
Valley), the country of the border jurisdiction and control of the airspace
also has requested the demilitarization of the "Palestinian state" It is a
position that you want kept in the hands of.

■ The "'67 Line" problem, Jewish settlement  against Israel, and
withdrawal from all lands Israel has occupied the third Middle East war of
1967 (6-day war) since the Palestinians all settlement I have request
basically the dismantling of the earth. The peace negotiations, you are
asked to completely freeze the construction of Jewish settlements further.
 Israel has proposed eliminating the back completely to the "1967 line" the
border of the "Palestinian state". On the other hand, it is the condition to
be annexed to Israel settlements of up to 360,000 Jews and East Jerusalem
live, and is prepared to withdraw from some settlements.

■ East Jerusalem issue  Israel, occupied or consolidation in 1967 the East
Jerusalem Arab residents was more Jordan territory, but the international
community does not recognize this. Israel, Jerusalem is positioned as the
"capital of the permanent indivisible".  On the other hand, the Palestinian
side hopes to the capital of the future of the "Palestinian state" East
Jerusalem. 280,000 Palestinians, 200,000 Israelis residing in east

■ feedback problem of Palestinian refugees  Palestinian refugees that are
currently about 5 million people. The majority is a descendant of 760,000
Palestinians or is expelled from the land it lived up to the 1948 Israel was
founded, and escaped.  Palestine is demanding of refugees these "right of
return" to Israel, but also while asked to take responsibility in
recognition of the right of return a "principle" in the Israel side in peace
negotiations, both with respect to the exercise of rights I've taken a
position with the agreement to decide between.  But Israel has dismissed
the request of the Palestinian side of the "right of return". Benjamin
Netanyahu of Israel (Benjamin Netanyahu) Prime Minister, has been requested
to Palestine to approval as a "Jewish state" Israel, it's attitude that you
want to be resolved in the territory of the future of the "Palestinian
state" for the Palestinian refugee problem .

■ water resources  of holding a majority of underground water rights in
the West Bank in Israel, the Palestinian side is seeking a more equitable
distribution. [Edit] translation AFPBB News

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