• From: Muhammad Yunus Khan <yunushavaida@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Leo Semashko <leo.semashko@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2013 15:58:56 +0500

From: Muhammad Yunus Khan  <yunushavaida@xxxxxxxxx>

Sent:  Monday, November 11, 2013.

To:     Dr. Leo Semashko

Cc:   Global Harmony Association(GHA)


Dear Dr.Leo Semashko,

Your mail Nov 9, 2013 is before me. I have gone through. I am
happy to learn from other resources - now you are fighting fit.
Thanks God.

You have addressed me very fine way. For me your mail is
educative. I have taken from paragraph - 4 last line
"only his ignorance, poor upbringing, aggression or tyrant
violence can make him  a murderer and a war veteran".

I sent herewith another poem "PEACELOVELOGY" as new
Peace Art. I hope you will like it.

*(Transformed in poetical form)*

*                        GLOBAL HARMONY ASSOCIATION(GHA)*

*                                       AND *


*                              FOR NEW BOOK*
                Global Harmony Association (GHA)
                have resorted to many a steps to
                promote harmony, peace and love
                between communities; still efforts

                 It is advisable to describe activities
                 of GHA members and volunteers
                 'already on the record' for encourage _
                 ments and remembrance.

                 Volunteers attached with GHA
                 are courageous and dutiful
                 they can boast on their sincere
                 working for the world citizens.

                 Actually: GHA is pioneer in this field,
                 GHA first became aware of this science
                 in the 21st century. Its working is for
                 more than eight years on the basis of
                 scientific theory of social harmony.
                 The GHA book "The ABC of Harmony
                 for Global Peace".

*Marvelous thought of Dr. Abdul Kalam, as under :*

*"When there is harmony in the home,*

*                   There is order in the nation*

*                   When there is order in the nation*

*                   There is peace in the World."*
                                 * * * * *


*TITLE FOR NEW BOOK (GPS)                    *
                     The GPS is a new science,
                     which opens a new era of world history,
                     the era of peaceful harmonious coexistence
                     among the peoples of the earth, which excludes
                     any war.

                     Colleagues, members, volunteers and friends,
                     still may go ahead pursuing their mission
                     under the leadership of Dr. Leo Semashko
                     Founding President of GHA and GPS
                     avoiding odds and sky limit.

*Yunus Havaida*

*                                Member: Global Harmony Association (GHA)*

*                                                          Karachi*

*                                              Dated: November 11, 2013.*
                    Pray for your long life and good health.

                   With love and best wishes.

*                  Muhammad Yunus Khan*

*                 Member: Global Harmony Association (GHA)*
*                Karachi.*

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