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Subject: [gha] New list for all of us?

  Dear gha members, 
 On the basis of Leo's continuing refusal to address problems of academic 
credibility and civility in gha,  and his demand to control the mailing list 
his brother Ivan started,  I suggest this... 
 (In any event,  I suspect that Leo's brother will leave your address on hjs 
new list unless you might be critical of Leo.) 
 Please let me know,  individually,  whether to... 
 1. Delete your address from the main gha list I originally created. 
 2. Delete your name from a new list being compiled  as the basis for a new,  
credible,  association for peace. (Name and leadership -  preferably a woman  - 
not determined yet.) 
 Incidentally,  I am still eager to help Leo by editing his book,  but (as 
indicated earlier),  this offer is conditional on his resignation as leader of 
 I truly regret this.  I had hoped that Leo would have been willing to address 
the important questions he is avoiding.  I still like and respect Leo the way I 
remember him  before his change in disposition a few months ago. 
  Yours in peace, 
 On Jun 29, 2014 3:05 PM, "Martin, Glen T" &lt;gmartin@xxxxxxxxxxx&gt; wrote:   
      Dear Maria, 
    Why not just let GHA be, but start a new list for those of us who are not 
willing to have a leader who disrespects and abuses anyone who disagrees with 
him?   Some will be on both lists but perhaps many will be on just the 
non-abuse list.  Bruce suggests that the new group have a woman President.  How 
about you?  I think you would be a great President for a global peace group.
      Warmest wishes,
 Dr. Glen T. Martin
 President, World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA) 
 President, Institute on World Problems (IOWP) www.worldproblems.net
 Professor, Philosophy and Peace Studies, Radford University 
 Laureate, GUSI Peace Prize International
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On Behalf Of María Cristina Azcona
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 Cc: Bruce Cook; Bruce Cook; peace-from-harmony
 Subject: [gha-peace] Re: [gha] Following resignation COMMENT FROM E KAHAN 
  What will be of GHA? 
  what will be of peace?
  I feel ashamed
   María Cristina Azcona
  2014-06-29 12:17 GMT-03:00 &lt;ekahan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx&gt;:
 Dear friends
 Recently I wrote:
 Without peace there will be no life on Earth due to atomic wars
 Without harmony there will be no peace
 Without tolerance there will be no harmony
 Without a culture of peace there will be no tolerance
 Without a spiritual culture there will be no culture of peace
 Without education there will be no spiritual culture of peace
 Without democracy there will be no education
 Without education there will be dependence, war and pain
 In order to obtain survival on Earth we must achieve world global peace.
 To achieve world global peace we must obtain a global agreement based on 
 To obtain a global agreement based on harmony we must have tolerance
 Without tolerance we also will destroy the associations for harmony and peace
 Tolerance is the respect towards the ideas of those who think different, but 
we agree on the purpose to peace.... THUS I and WE MUST NOT ACCEPT THE PRESENT 
 If we are not able to find a way to work in harmony at home, how it will be 
the universal program for harmony?
 Ernesto Kahan
 Quoting Bruce Cook &lt;cookcomm@xxxxxxxxx&gt;:
  Hi  Lida,
 Will do.
 Again,  I can only delete the address on gha@freelists,  which I have done. 
 Let's stay in touch.
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 On Sat, Jun 28, 2014 at 4:38 PM, Lida Sherafatmand
 &lt;dmarc-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxx&gt; wrote:
  Thanks for your email Bruce.
  As for me, I've resigned from the board for several reasons:
  - First of all Leo rudely refused my offer for mediation.
  - Second he disregarded the fact that I have done a lot for the
 promotion of the ABC Book, and GHA as a board.
  - Thirdly he accuses me of not keeping my word to try to give a copy of
 ABC of Harmony book to library in Malta, Paris and London..while I have
 already informed him that Malta library is done, they have a copy. Paris
 I have NOT been to yet (and sending the book by normal post does not
 work with these libraries...it has to be done in person and with
 appointment). In London my exhibition has only started now I went to
 London just for 48 hours basically to set up the works. I have to go
 again end of next week.
  - Fourthy he accuses me of not having sent 30 dollar which I had said I
 can send for the second book, while this is due to emergency expenses
 that appeared in my life, and since he said very clearly that 30 dollar
 is what he considers 'moral' support I did not think it was that urgent
 to send it right away since the articles if this book are still being
 prepared...so I took my time to send it.
  - Fifthly he says he does not trust my ability to mediate, BEFORE
 accepting to give the mediation a try.
  - Sixthly: I do not feel SAFE enough to express slightest disagreement
 with Leo, because he will immediately lash out anger and find some form
 of threat to stop me from disagreeing with him. It happened once last
 year, when we were discussing the prize for King Abdullah. I had not
 even disagreed with his idea, but brought forward a few points to
 consider, he immediately sent me an email of threat to stop somehow my
 exhibition through Julia's contact back then. I was shocked and thought
 I had done something really wrong... but I see anytime any member says
 anything which does not OBEY immediately to Leo's idea, he immediately
 panics and gets super angry. This is a superiority attitude which does
 not allow safety and respect for other people to disagree with him...
 and it is totally against peace practice in 21st century where we
 consider disagreements to be a natural part of human interaction but
 that they should not lead to belittling and demonizing the
   other entity.
  I ask you please not to include my email anymore in the discussions
 either, as I have other committments and obligations in my personal life
 to attend to and concentrate on. I was ready to give time for the
 mediation between Bruce and Leo, but Leo has refused. Bruce is now
 trying it himself to approach Leo which I do hope can succeed.
  As for myself: I simply do not feel I belong to a board where I must
 FEAR expressing any form of disagreement with the ideas of the 'leader'
 because he will demonize me or threaten me in some way. That is a
 dictatorial attitude, not a democratic one. A founder must create SAFETY
 for its members to express their disagreements with his ideas, so he can
 develop himself further and stronger. If he just wants to order and we
 must follow or fear being belittled and demonized, then this is not a
 place I belong to. I have done all I could in my potential to contribute
 to GHA, but I've resigned now, and would like my resignation to be
 followed through please.
  I still appreciate and respect Leo as a person of course, and if he
 ever wishes to dialogue with me, he is welcome to write me. But
 attacking and belittling emails I have no time for. I have other
 priorities to attend to. I do not follow Leo as my leader...because I
 have no chance to ever disagree with him...and also if I do not realize
 his expectations he gets all resentful and rude. Sorry dear Leo, I
 cannot continue to be on your board with this attitude of yours. I wish
 you all the best, but I am no longer a member of your board, and I shall
 no longer display the logo of GHA on any exhibitions as I already said.
 You were not seeing and appreciating all that promotion I was doing for
 GHA anyway while I was a member...so it should not make a big difference
 to you now that I am not a member anymore.
  Good luck also for the second book which you are preparing.I shall NOT
 send 30 dollars after all this.
  I recommend you to show the effectiveness of your theory through your
 practice with people, rather than fighting for it as a book on the
 bookshelves of libraries.
  Thanks everyone
  Kindly leave out my email address.
  I have a lot to prepare for my London event travel soon, and other
 obligations in Malta and personal life too.
  I declare in all seriousness: I have nothing 'against' GHA members at
 all, but I do not approve of the attitude of the leader Leo, and thus
 choose not to represent his work anymore. I hope he does not consider me
 a 'militarist' for not accepting to follow him, if he does that it just
 goes to prove further a superiority dictatorial attitude where the
 leader leaves no space for people not to approve of his actions. I have
 had always shown tremendous care towards Leo and appreciation for his
 efforts, but it is not reciprocal. A one-sided board where one commands
 and EXPECTS only does not work for me. So I respectfully disengage from
 working with Leo.
  I expect no one to promote my art for example...because I respect the
 fact that I am not an absolute perfect being who has to be admired and
 followed without any criticism at all. If people criticise my work, I
 let them express what they think, I think about it, then respect those
 persons still as dignified people, even if I might not agree with their
 views. Unfortunately Leo is not making a distinction between:
 disagreement between friends and a war which is out of hatred...that is
 a terrible mistake in my view to mix up disagreement between friends,
 and militarist war out hatred.
  Also Leo acts with me as if I 'owe' him the world, just because he
 introduced me to Ms Julia from Roerich Museum...which is absurd... The
 Roerich museum wanted to exhibit my works due to the fact that I was
 working on Roerich since 2003  and they appreciated to see an artist
 from another country which is not Eastern Europe working on Roerich,
 especially through painting and writing. Besides that I had already
 thanked him for the first introduction, and did all the tremendous
 amount of promotion.
  Well all that is past now.
  I repeat I have no time to be on the board of GHA anymore, so kindly
 remove my address... and I wish you all the good things in life. I'm
 simply and respectfully disengaging from accompanying Leo and the type
 of leadership which he is conducting. He is not open to accept criticism
 and not ready to practice 'dialogical rationality' which permits to see
 and understand the other's point of view besides one's point of view
  Thanks in advance for removing me from further discussion. All the very
 best wishes to Leo and all members
  Sorry not to be able to accompany you beyond this point. Every person
 has his own path in this life...sometimes we can accompany certain
 people from close, sometimes we cannot accompany from close... that is
 also being respectful to the fact that each person has his own path. Leo
 has his leadership style which does not fit my ways of working. So I
 disengage from being under his leadership.
  If the GHA group email cannot remove my address for technical reasons,
 I shall put a filter in my email option which will remove emails from
 GHA. So do not be surprised if you do not receive anything from me on
 this email please. Putting filter now on the collective email, as I have
 seriously other important engagements.
  With respect,
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   Objet: Re: [gha-peace] Re : [gha] mediation between Leo and Bruce
   À: "Bruce Cook, AuthorMe.com" &lt;cookcomm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx&gt;,
 "lidasherafatmand@xxxxxxxxx" &lt;lidasherafatmand@xxxxxxxxx&gt;,
 "peace-from-harmony@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" &lt;peace-from-harmony@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&gt;
    Cc: "gha@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" &lt;gha@xxxxxxxxxxxxx&gt;, "gha-peace@xxxxxxxxxxxxx"
   Date: Samedi 28 juin 2014, 21h02
   Dear members,
   I will do my best to write you all from my cell
   phone at a forest campsite where I am tenting with my
   Lest I be unfair,  please accept my apologies
   for the following.
   First,  I apologize for suggesting that gha
   begin to operate in a manner consistent with standard
   academic rigor, similar to credible academic organizations
   and research institutions worldwide.  For details see my
   email to Lida in her generous attempt to meditate,  below .
   (Sorry,  I tried to copy and paste the main part, but could
   not do this on my cell phone.)
   Second  I humbly apologize for any personal
   criticism of Leo as a person,  for I still regard him as a
   friend and colleague in peace. He is our founder and surely
   deserves our respect. Further,  I apologize for suggesting
   that his actions might be immature and predictable.
   I appeal to Leo and everyone to speak up and
   take this issue seriously in an attempt to make gha
   successful and well respected in academic circles. My
   purpose in this dialogue had always been to improve gha,
   which I love.
   Yours in Peace, 
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                               Bruce Cook, AuthorMe.com
                               Re: [gha-peace] Re : [gha]
   mediation between Leo and Bruce                           
                               Wed, Jun 25, 2014 1:23:50 PM   
   Thank you
   again  for offering to mediate. I pray that you can
   accomplish this.
   (Please let
   me know
    you have received this message, as I am uncertain on your
   disagreement with Leo was simply that he should cease using
   personal attacks as a method to intimidate members. (His
   personal attack on me was a perfect example of this,
   although he has attacked many others.)
   the ensuring discussion, I would also like to see GHA adopt
    a provision that major decisions be handled formally by a
   selected group of members, not by one individual.
   Also, it
   would be desirable to have a code of conduct providing that
   email communications of all members avoid expressions of
   rage and avoid undermining the character
    of any member.
   I would be
   surprised if anyone in the membership would differ from
   these suggestions. They are, simply, standard operating
   procedure for credible organizations. I also ask,
   humbly, that Leo restore my former positions as GHA
   Vice-President and GHA-USA President. While he is certainly
   angry, all I have done is propose that the organization
   follow the peaceful provisions cited above. (Also, it's
   true that I have disagreed with his theory, but that should
   certainly be acceptable in an organization which approaches
   the truth with normal academic rigor.)
   Please let
   me know if you can suggest revisions which might make this
   more workable.
   Thank you
   again, I can't tell you how important this is to me, for
   I join the other members in wanting GHA to be a peaceful and
   effective force for peace and harmony.
        On Wednesday, June 25, 2014 2:58 AM, Lida
    Sherafatmand &lt;dmarc-noreply@xxxxxxxxxxxxx&gt; wrote:
    Dear bruce
   That's fantastic! :-)
   Please write me from your point of view, what
   is it that you are disagreeing about with Leo...
   Then I will ask the same question also to Leo.
   Once I have the point of view of both of you, I be able to
   help hopefully...
   Thanks so
   much for your good will
   Lida Sherafatmand,
   Painter and
   Board Vice-president,
    GHA Female Contest: "Muse of Harmony"
   The ABC of Harmony coauthor
   Paris and Malta
   En date de : Mar 24.6.14, Bruce L Cook &lt;cookcomm@xxxxxxxxxxxxx&gt; a
   écrit :
    Objet: [gha]
   mediation between Leo and Bruce
    À: gha-peace@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, gha@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Date: Mardi
   24 juin 2014, 15h03
    I thank you for
   your wonderful idea.
    It's my hope to
   do whatever I can to help
    heal the wounds.
    Please let me know what I can do.
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    On Tue,
    Jun 24, 2014 at 3:48 AM, Lida Sherafatmand
    Dear Leo, Bruce, Martin, Saleem, Hedva,
   and all
    I think we all agree that GHA has come along a
   long way, and
    I think we all appreciate the
   hard work of Leo and the
    contribution all
   members including Bruce.
    One idea suggestion to resolve the Leo-Bruce
   blockage, is
    mediation between the two,
   since their personal
    communication seems
   not meet each's points. perhaps
   due to the different use of the English language.
    If Leo and
   Bruce both agree, I would like to offer to
   'mediate' between the two.
    If you agree to
    mediation, you can send me on this
   list your 'clashing disagreements' and I see
    if I can help both of you hear each other
   Having trained in conflict resolution, and having much
    appreciation for the work of GHA, it would be
   a pleasure for
    me to help resolve this
   conflictual situation between Leo
   Now it's up to you of course..
    I'm available for
   mediation help if you decide to give
    it a
   chance. However I still suggest allow a little time to
    pass for the emotion of anger to calm down.
    Sending you
    warmest greetings
    Lida Sherafatmand,
    Painter and poet,
    GHA Board Vice-president,
    President, GHA Female
   Contest: "Muse of Harmony"
   The ABC of Harmony coauthor
    Paris and
    En date de
   : Mar 24.6.14, Hedva Bachrach
   a écrit :
     Objet: [gha] hedva
     À: gha@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
     Date: Mardi 24 juin 2014,
        I'm usually an observer of GHa messages.
   Unfortunately, because
           of medical problems with
   family at
    home I am
    unable to
          more, which i'd like very much. But
   developments, I would like to comment.
          1. We are different people from different
     and a variety
           of cultures. This is our way of upbringing.
     there are
           differences of
   opinion, they should be treated
          each other and coming to a common decision,
    the way
           2. There must be codes of honor
   installed in
    the GHA.
     The GHA is a
          wonderful organization which tries to
     conflicts in the
   Therefore it must, first and foremost,
            conflicts rise in its own circle. This is
   must.  So I
    suggest to think about such codes of
           with regard to variety of
   opinions. The winning
     opinion should be
           taken by the
   majority, and also respectfully
          founder of this organization, but not by
    slander and
     hurting each
           other. Not in
   this kind of organization, if the
   behaves like
           this, who would behave above
   it??? in this
          3. There are many corrupt politics in this
    world, they
     do not
           belong to one
   state only. Every country has
    good and
     bad in
           So, we must concentrate on the good in
    and try
     to raise
           their moral
   codes, in every country.. The GHA
   expanding and it
           is good. But no country with bad
   politics is
     than the other.
          They all have their share in anti human
    behavior. So
     let us pay
    attention to change and elevating moral values,
     not only to
           Yours, With respect
           Dr. Hedva Rabinson Bachrach
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