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Dearest Reimon,

Today I received your wonderful letter with your amazing $120 in foil (you are 
thin innovator in secret sending - congratulations!!!) and your profound review 
about great CRITICAL MANIFESTO (~2000 pages in three Volumes !!!!) of our old 
friend and colleague in sociology of religions Prof.  Rudolf Siebert, with the 
GHA first Honorary Title: WORLD HARMONY CREATOR 2007 
(http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=513)!!! Thank you very much!

I am very grateful for your money for me personally. But now all my personal 
money (for a little exclusion) go to prepare the GHA new book: "Global Peace 
Science" (GPS). Therefore, please, let me consider your money as your donation 
for this book. I also hope you will agree to participate in it by your short 
article in 2 pages from the ABC of Harmony, the updating edition of which I 
will prepare for your consideration during 2-3 months. Do you agree with it? - 
It is not hastily that you hate, I hope. 

I will be happy also to publish your wonderful review of MANIFESTO on the GHA 
website if you will send me its as WORLD.DOC. in attachment. Do you agree with 
it? Also for Rudi: Do you agree with this review publication on our website?

I like also to invite Rudi to write 2 pages, no more,  with about such title: 
"The Critical Theory Manifesto for Global Peace Science"  for the GHA new book. 
Do you agree to write it?

The key two first chapters of this book I will send you and for all GHA members 
through 2-3 weeks (now I translate their about 55 pages in English from Russian)

With love, friendly, best harmony wishes,


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Dearest Leo,

You are always pushing ahead! Of course, you need to do it, to get where you 
want to be.
Yet, "poor guys" like me cannot follow! 
I'm hopelessly slow
in my writing, always correcting it again and again. The other way around: I 
to work hastily. My own work does not proceed well (can only work 3 to 4 hours 
a day).
Therefore, it is very difficult to promise you the cooperation you suggested. 
I'm very sorry about it, but that the way it is.

My own last mail had this sentence: "As a sign of my appreciation for you,  
I'll send $100,00 by express mail  (like before)". It is on the way. Please 
look out.
I included my review of Prof. Siebert's Manifesto .
What would you think of it? 
I still want to change it a bit and adding to the conclusion.  



Reimon Bachika, 
Prof. Emeritus of the Department of Sociology at Bukkyo, 
Kyoto, Japan

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From: Leo Semashko <leo.semashko@xxxxxxxxx>
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Date: 2014/3/22, Sat 16:22
Subject: Re: New email address ++ new cooperation

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