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Namaste Muhammad ji and friends
Thanks a lot for this inspirational email; always a lot to learn and share.... 
muhammad sahab, aap to bus muhabbat ki hi baat karate hai aur dil jet leta hai; 
hats off to you. Well, it's the time to share our joy, peace and respect for 
all with a hope and commitment to transforming our life and reforming our 
society with the light of inter religious understanding and spirituality; 
especially dedicating our selfless service to children, women and youths; so 
lets walk together.
Pls pass on my namaste to all; HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
love+peace+serviceCM Yogi > Dr. Chinta Mani Yogi
> Founding Principal - Hindu VidyaPeeth-Nepal (HVP)
> Founding Chairperson - Shanti Sewa Ashram (SSA)
> Patron - Youth Society for Peace ( YSP)
> Founder - Society for Value Education (SVE)
> Chairperson- Nepal Inter-faith Movement (NIM)> Co-ordinator- GNRC-Nepal
Address : Po.Box: 6807, Kathmandu,Nepal; Ph. 00977-1-5527924 /5006125,Web sites 
: www.cmyogi.org ; www.hvp-nepal.org ; www.peaceservicenepal.org.np; 


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          Respectable Chintamani Yogi: Namaste
          Dr.Chintamani Yogi: Peace Service Center.

          Words by Dr.Chintamani Yogi: To open this spiritual center called 
          peace service center in 2005. Dream came to reality - open this 
          center in Kathmandu city of Nepal. Great service: It is envisioned to
          help the needy people in a best way possible especially people who
          are deprived by many region war victims and socially declined in many
          situations. We want to give our best to children to women to old 
          in all kind of activities but we mainly want to promote peace and 
          with the strong foundation of spiritually. 

          Message from Kriti Giri Yogi: Namaste everyone! I am working as a 
          officer recently in peace service center from 2014.

          Introduction:  Shanti Sewa Ashram / Peace Service Center was 
          in 2005 with the view of supporting under privileged community and 
          awareness for peace, social justice, humanity and spirituality. Since 
its inception
          in SSA/PSC has been serving  disadvantaged community through various 
          especially the services are dedicated to children, women, youths and 
senior citizens.
          SSA Provides its services to all caste, community, sex and sects.

          Major Activities appear sweet, swift as also majestic. Remaining 
pages give super look.
          I am really pleased.

          With your permission I attach herewith my poem titled "Clarion call 
of a captain (peacemaker)
          for promotion of peace on the earth"  to read.

          We are Peacemakers.

          Muhammad Khan
          Pen name: Yunus Havaida.
          Member: Linkedin. 
          Member: Global Harmony Association (GHA) &
          Global Peace Science (GPS)
          Ambassador of Peace and Disarmament from Harmony
          International Writer and Poet.
          Advocate: Sindh High Court, Karachi.

          Attachment (1):
          Poem: 'Clarion'



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