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Dear Ammar:
You've spoken for most of us. The human in you is an inspiration for all of
Love and regards,
Your brother,

On Wed, May 8, 2013 at 8:55 PM, ammar banni <ammarbanni@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Dear John,
> "Silence is hardly an oversight," I will never forget our meeting and our
> separation in Frankfurt.Thank you for your reminder of one of the two most
> expensive of my life: my mom and my wife;
> Tribute to my Dear Mom
>  26 July 1987, at noon, it was our last visit to you in  the hospital of
> Beni Messous ,We were happy to see that you had taken courage and hope
> after escaping the peak of tension that had struck you.
> Unfortunately, it was a false hope, and while the reproach of having
> neglected a bit and your medicine your diet, death was already there,
> sneaky one smiled, you smiled was when you, relentless, invisible,
> circling overhead, waiting for the voice of destiny to surprise you and
> take forever in the depths of his eternal abyss you.
>        Yes, she got you this time, the traitor by surprise when nobody
> expected. She had you just a few hours after our visit.
>        We will keep you more now that memories, wonderful memories, a
> dynamic voluntary Mom, conscientious and courageous.
>        You know, for thirty-two years of married life, educate, raise
> rise, instruct your children patiently often evoke joy and regret with
> unforgettable moments they experienced with you. They will often have a
> thought of gratitude for you, well hidden in their head and heart.
>        You were generous Mom, extreme sensitivity, your tears often
> flowed over nothing. You loved life, loved you pick your beloved roses
> for their scent to breathe deeply. you loved discuss, sing with your
> children. You loved them joyful in gaiety, in mutual trust.
>       You have lived with the problems of life from your childhood, when
> your  father had left you an orphan with responsibility for a large family
> on his hands. But thanks to God, your courage and determination, you
> could have overcome.
>       Long ago, you were smiling, dynamic, always polite, kind, honest
> and forthright. I remember you especially loved the poetry.
>       I still remember the acrostic that you have read, crying during the
> ceremony for my success in a level. I was very touched by your feelings
> that you had for me.
>       Mom! your life has been beautifully and only dedicated to the love
> of peace and tolerance. Finally exhausted, you wanted to get some rest
> during your life, but death surprised you
>   Dear Mom, meet your friends, poets paradise where angels to be your and
> your inspiration, where finally the rest is eternal, where peace is eternal.
>        Almighty God, you give all his mercy! Rest in peace!
>        Pure you lived and pure thou shalt stand before our Lord.
>  Your son Ammar
> To you dear mother
> I think you mom is so
> I want as long as you talk to me.
> Tell me tell me mom.
> Just when the evening
> And as I look into the sky.
> And I see a star shone.
> Are you looking at me mom
> with your soft and shiny eyes.
> Tell me tell me mom.
> When I close my eyes at night
> and I see a beautiful angel singing.
> Is that you mom who just sing me
> this sweet lullaby at night.
> Tell me tell me mom.
> When the day or the sky is gray
> and the clouds cry tears.
> Are you mom crying
> all the pain in your heart.
> Listen Mama I'm talking about.
> My mom I have a lot of trouble
> in my little heart I miss you mom
> I long to be with you
> to hold you in my arms.
> And whisper you all down
> "I love you Mom"
> Ammar
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> *Envoyé le :* Mardi 7 mai 2013 22h05
> *Objet :* [gha] Mothers day for Peace
> Dear friends,
> I would like to wish you a happy mothers day. I take this opportunity and
> invite those who are in Rwanda to join us for the celebration of the day
> which will take place in Rulindo( see details here attached).
> Yours,
> Jean de Dieu Basabose,
> Shalom Educating for Peace
> P.o.Box 6210 Kigali, Rwanda
> Tel. +250 (0)78 840 3868
> E-mail: basajd@xxxxxxxx

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