[gha] Re: Monitoring of war and peace in Global Peace Science. Feast during military plague?

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  • Date: Sat, 18 Jan 2014 18:21:25 +0200

YES.  Dr. Hedva Rabinson Bachrach

Prof. Emeritus Dr. Ernesto Kahan MD University Professor - Poet – Physician
Tel Aviv University, Israel.
Academician - International Academy of Sciences, Technology, Education and Humanities (AICTEH) - Spain
Honorary President- Israeli Association Writers. Spanish Branch
1st Vice President - World Academy of Arts and Culture USA
Former Vice President of IPPNW (Association awarded the Nobel Peace Prize) and the actual president of the Israeli Branch
Hon President United Nations of Letters
Honorary President of SIPEA – International Society of Poets Writers and Artists
Vice President Intl Forum for Literature and Culture of Peace (IFLAC)
Co-President -UHE- International Union of Hispano-American Writers
1st Vice President. Global Harmony Association (GHA)
*From:* savita srivastava <mailto:deisavitasrivastava@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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*Subject:* [gha] Re: [gha] Monitoring of war and peace in Global Peace Science. Feast during military plague?

Dr. Savita Srivastava
Associate Professor
Dept. of Foundations of Education
Faculty of Education
Dayalbagh Educational Institute
Agra, UP

From: Leo Semashko <leo.semashko@xxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Wed, 15 Jan 2014 22:26:27
To: "Martin, Glen T" <gmartin@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: "gha@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <gha@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, peace-from-harmony@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Subject: [gha] Monitoring of war and peace in Global Peace Science. Feast during military plague? Monitoring of war and peace in Global Peace Science. Feast during military plague? Dear GHA members, friends:

*We together with Glen Martin are pleased to present for your discussion and approval by your YES (approve, support, agree) or NO (not approve, not support, disagree) with your comments and editing the GHA new Project, shortly: "Monitoring: Dynamics of Peace and War Priorities in World Public Opinion" within two days up to January 17, inclusively*.This Project is presented in the attachment and on the website here: _www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=588 <http://www.rediffmail.com/cgi-bin/red.cgi?account_type=1&red=http://www.peacefromharmony.org%2F%3Fcat%3Den_c%26amp%3Bkey%3D588&isImage=0&BlockImage=0&rediffng=0>_.

Monitoring is created GHA in the process and within of formation of the Global Peace Science (GPS) is its organic part as one of the chapters or one of the Prefaces of this book (_www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=585 <http://www.rediffmail.com/cgi-bin/red.cgi?account_type=1&red=http://www.peacefromharmony.org%2F%3Fcat%3Den_c%26amp%3Bkey%3D585&isImage=0&BlockImage=0&rediffng=0>_). But monitoring also has also independent scientific and practical importance. Monitoring the dynamics of peace and war priorities in the world public consciousness/opinion - it is a unique, innovative and high-tech tool of GPS with wider social designation and application similar to other peacekeeping instruments: Global Peace Index, Happy Planet Index, and etc. Unique scientific and social importance of monitoring is defined the fact that the subject of its research on the basis of theory of global harmony in "/the ABC of Harmony/" (2012) is source and war and peace - human consciousness, from which, as defined by the UN and UNESCO documents, begins and war and peace. No one science explores the dynamics of its peaceful and military trends. Therefore, our monitoring, has measuring proportion of the war and peace priorities in the world public opinion on January 1, 2014 (hereinafter - quarterly), is an irreplaceable barometer of objective trends of their increase and decrease depending on the state of global social atmosphere. Of course, our monitoring, making just the first step in its life but has already identified threatening priority of military plague in public consciousness is very far from perfection and has many lacks, which will be overcome with time during its wide practical application and scientific development.

Each member of the GHA can contribute to its development, using its independently, at least partially, or offering its to international peacekeeping organizations. For example, the International Association of Educators for World Peace, headed by Vice President of GHA Dr. Charles Mercieca, would use our monitoring for the world teachers, attracting them to it that would unite them in available scientific peacemaking study, which is extremely important for all students in the world for their peace education. Another example the GHA regional offices in Africa and Latin America as well as in separate countries - India, USA, Russia, Kazakhstan, etc. could organize such monitoring for the respective continents and countries.

Then, they could offer this monitoring to their governments, regional associations and offer it in the media, especially on TV as a special publicistic daily program "War and Peace" with the participation of scientists, politicians and civil society. Such a TV program is created in Russia now. Broad public discussion of such monitoring data would simultaneously by implementation of Harmonious Enlightenment for young people and population, as the monitoring theoretical basis is science of global harmony and its quintessence - SOCIONOME: social genome of global peace from harmony presented in our /ABC of Harmony/(2012).

Therefore, we invite the GHA members to not an abstract theoretical discussion of advantages and disadvantages of monitoring and a discussion of its practical meaning and application as its necessity and social good for peace are obvious. During the discussion, each of the GHA members, including Glen and me as leaders of this project from two countries: the U.S. and Russia, defining the world military axis of modernity, together we'll be able to correct our ideas in the discussion to connect their diversity in harmony. Main thing; we should try through this monitoring 㴯 shift the arms race䠯f these key military powers 㴯 a peace race䬠about then a great Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed.

After discussion, the Project text will be edited again.

With love, Best wishes for peace from harmony,


Dr Leo Semashko:
State Councillor  of  St.  Petersburg,
Philosopher, Sociologist and Peacemaker from Harmony;
Director:  Tetrasociology Public Institute, Russia;
Founding President, Global Harmony Association (GHA) since 2005;
Director, GHA Website "Peace from Harmony": www.peacefromharmony.org <http://www.peacefromharmony.org> Global Peace Science from Harmony: www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=585 <http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=585> and In Russian: www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=606 <http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=606>;
World Interfaith Harmony Project on the ABC of Harmony Base:
www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=541 <http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=541>;
GHA Program Book, The ABC of Harmony for World Peace:
www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=478 <http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=478>;
GHA Peace Video: http://youtu.be/hbxY5lREOeA;
My Web page: www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=253 <http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=253>;
Address: 7/4-42 Ho-Shi-Min Street, St. Petersburg 194356, Russia
Phone: 7 (812) 597-65-71; Skype: leo.semahko
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/leo.semashko?ref=tn_tnmn
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