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Calling  to all members of GHA
Talent and tolerance
"Intolerance and selfishness are one of the greatest threats to our 
civilization! "

  Firstly, Thank you to my friend Maria who never ceases to renew relations 
between members of GHA  in mutual respect. I think it is our duty to support  
her initiatives from the call to a dialogue between members. These initiatives 
emphasize the importance of removing disparities by acquiring a thorough and 
extensive knowledge and studying stereotypes in order to eliminate negative 
connotations and prejudices often fueled by the lack of knowledge of others who 
see them as a threat or an enemy. It is essential to cultivate a more objective 
and neutral vision habits, thoughts, behaviors and practices other than ours 
using modern information technology and communication. 
As a humanist I am opposed to the idea of a dominant culture. Instead, I defend 
the idea of ​​a world where civilizations interact and cooperate to strengthen 
universal values. 
In spirit and in its essence, our relationship guarantees freedom of thought. 
In fact, I asked the members therefore accept the plurality of cultures, 
different laws and ways of life and believes that life is a challenge facing 
humanity to work towards peaceful coexistence, thus strengthening the forces of 
peace and moral order that are more fundamental than differences in 
civilizations. In any way, members adopt a hostile attitude toward others. 
The world must fashion a universal philosophy of tolerance pulling its 
principles of different cultures and providing a starting point for the 
non-violent resolution of disputes. I think GHA is a rich spiritual and 
cultural heritage which adopts the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This 
statement showed that there was no conflict between the philosophy of human 
rights mutual respect. Duty I see that GHA is aiming to defend and promote 
human dignity which is included so genuine and reasonable, there is no 
contradiction between the rights. 
  Intellectuals, aeristes, academics and educators from the East and West 
should therefore continue to recognize the differences between themselves and 
the doctrines and seek to build a mutual understanding by actually showing 
receptive to other points of view . They should also work to eliminate 
intolerance and avoid confrontations. 
Should implement policies of cooperation and intellectual initiatives to 
promote coexistence and mutual understanding so that our goals falls within a 
rational perspective. We need to create an organization that shares the values 
​​of love, tolerance and recognition of others.
With Peace,Harmony and Peace.
Ammar Banni.
Professor of education-Author-Poet/Algeria

World   Tour  for Spirituality, Harmonization, the artistic consciousness
“The artist depends on the
sources and the resources that derive from their spiritual unconscious,
irrational intuition of the consciousness would be parallel to the inspiration
of the artist unable to be revealed at all ..”
By Susana Roberts (Argentina) - 

“Poetry, music,
dance, painting, sculpture… each o­ne, as I said, with a different language of
expression, tries to stimulate our emotions and for that they look for to touch
the fibers of our more intimate and deep feelings of our life. For those
reasons poetry is a key value in life and medicine is a key value in life.”

Emeritus Dr. Ernesto Kahan MD University Professor - Poet – Physician
Aviv University, Israel.

“This is a compilation of
peace articles by famous writers and philosophers specialized in peace building
matters and a summary of their respective point of view.
Twelve writers, twelve minds,
twelve styles but only one obsession:
To resolve the dilemma of war,
social violence and the preservation of human life. Love, life, humanity,
serenity of thought, familiar peace and other meanings around the need of a
change in this crazy, violent and self destructive civilization, are some of
the topics in these essays.
Peace is possible especially
through literature as we explain in the book but also through the education of
respect to human dignity… Take a tour on our proposal of solutions to this
severe illness that is causing the decadence and perhaps death of our blue
planet Earth. Read and think on your own point of view and rethink this book
upon your vision. That is our dream. We cannot wait, we want to write our  own 
creative opinion. “                                               (Maria 
Cristina Azcona- Argentina)

You give me reason to exist.
you shake my mind and soul!
In my being, you are a prayer.
You dance in my heart
then you go in my veins,
With its beautiful lines,
you take my punishment.
I get a feather in the air;
I fly without purpose or itinerary.
My sorrows fall by the effect of your weight!
Brighter, I become more sensitive to your enthusiasm!
My life is beautiful
Your joy is eternal.
Your name is immortal.
Oh TOLERANCE, you do me the effect:
Breast milk to the baby hungry!
You merge me at your leisure!
Thanks to your inspiration,
I become a fountain of passion.
I become a star feeling.
I get a mountain of emotion!
My life is beautiful.
Your joy is eternal.
Your name is immortal.
My only will is to hear your name
In my coffin just before
to leave my family and my children!

Copyright (c) Prof. Ammar Banni

The glory of peace
Far from any ideology
Far from any religion
far from any ethnos group
far from any civilization
you are my brother
Although I do not divide you the ideas
although I do not divide you the religion
although I do not divide you the fatherland
I divide you humanism
the life is a culture
who does not have a border
peace is the heart of the life
love of the others
you desire gives for living
you are my friends
Although you are far
I do not know your face
but I know your heart
who share the love
you are ants of work
who move throughout the world
you are the white doves.
you are the glory of peace.
Copyright (c) Prof. Ammar

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Letter to Leo Semashko 

By Maria Cristina Azcona    

Posted: Thursday, May 18, 2006

Letter to Leo SemashkoDear Leo Semashko

Director IFLAC Rusia

In 2002 I founded  a literary movement, Bilingual MCA poets & writers for Peace 
(www.bilingualmca.bravehost.com) as I believe in bilingual literature as most 
direct route towards international understanding and peace. 

After that, Laureated poet Dorin Popa invited me to join IFLAC. There I met 
this marvellous butterfly of peace, Prof. Ada Aharoni, creator of IFLAC PAVE 
PEACE who since then has been my mentor and inspirer and even presented me to 
you, an incredible personality whose passionate efforts in this noble direction 
are really extraordinary.

Later I joined HD&HS, from the clever hand of Dr Evelin Gerda Lindner, another 
muse of Peace on Earth. 

This website Peace from Harmony,  beautiful daughter of IFLAC, has became part 
of my life. I agree with the calendar, and with this address to youth. As an 
Educational Psychologist I strongly believe in education of mew generations as 
the unique technique 

Capable of a true and substantial change of this outrageous civilization.

The conformation of a new culture of peace and harmony must start with the 
organization of intellectuals. We have the responsibility to spread our 
universal ideals and high moral values in all the environment where our 
children grow. They are the future of this Earth, the seed of a perfect 

I encourage all intellectuals in this global village to join hands with Leo in 
this endeavour  and I recommend all youngsters to work at schools , colleges 
and universities to study the phenomena of this philosophy Leo Semashko is 
creating from an original perspective (Tetrasociology) because I think that 
diversity of opinions among us, diversity of races, religions and beliefs, are 
the perfume of a marvellous garden where all can be happy. We are the example 
that peace and harmony is a true chance that must prevail among nations.



María Cristina Azcona

María Cristina Azcona

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