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On 18/02/2015 18:13, Charles Mercieca wrote: A wonderful answer, Dr. Mercieca. In our region it is , unfortunately, the religious men on all sides that inflame the conflict, so I'm totally confused.... Instead of exercising the Moral codes of religions, they want power. hedva

February 18, 2015

Dear Maria:

Your remark was brief, to the point and excellent. The mistakes made and sins committed by adherents of a religion should make only such adherents fully accountable and not their assumed or declared religion.

When these elements are observed, I would like to see those responsible in such respective religions to raise their voice loud and clear and condemn such negative and deplorable actions.

Charles Mercieca


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Yulia and Rosana send us links to read on the conflict

but please dont say Christianity has something to be involved in not respecting others lives

The sinners, even in Catholicism the priests that have been involved in monstruous activities against children havent done their crimes "because" they were catholic, they were criminals, that´s all

Each religion has different principles and there isnt a religion that may be called guilty as muslim religion is not guilty of the caliphate´s crimes

*/María Cristina Azcona/*


*María Cristina Azcona*

2015-02-18 12:49 GMT-03:00 Роксана Садыкова <roksana.sadykova@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:roksana.sadykova@xxxxxxxxx>>:

    Dear members of the GHA!

    I support Yulia Budnikova on the topic of Ukraine. There is a real
    war, where the government kill its own people. Children instead of
    going to school hiding in the basement with their mothers.
    Destroyed infrastructure, shells fall in hospitals, schools,
    homes. But in Western countries, unfortunately, there is no
    comprehensive and accurate coverage of these terrible events.


    Sincerely, Roxana Sadykova,
    Vice President GHA and GHA-Russia
    Address: Ufa, Republic Of Bashkortostan, Russia
    E-mail: roksana.sadykova@xxxxxxxxx
    Website: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=624


    2015-02-18 20:39 GMT+05:00 Prof. Ernesto Kahan
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        This discussion about arguments in for and against, including
        the question of Maria Azcona, are very instructive in order to
        learn about this bloody conflict that is very dangerous for
        the universal peace. We must recognized that the press I can
        read in not a good source of information

        Ernesto Kahan

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        Christian culture what???

        */María Cristina Azcona/*



        *María Cristina Azcona*

        2015-02-18 8:52 GMT-03:00 Julia Budnikova
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            Dear monsieur Сrequie! I want to notice that you distort
            the facts. Russia didn't make the peace with Ukraine
            because Russia wasn't at war with Ukraine. Ukraine is at
            war with own citizens in Donbass. And in Minsk Putin,
            Merkel and Hollande convinced this mad countryin the
            person of her president to stop killing peace people. Will
            be to tell more honestly that it is the United States of
            America are at war with Russia. You can argue with
            arrogance of old Europe for what the West needs Russia.
            But I want to notice that after that fact that the
            European "Christian culture", you including and your
            governors, a half of year didn't tell any word against
            murder by the Ukrainian soldiers of the Russian children,
            women, old men, against destruction of schools and
            hospitals in Donbass, this old civilization finally died
            as CULTURE.  For Russia and for God.

            Julia Budnikova,

            Vice-president of Global Harmony Association,

            Acting President, GHA-Russia

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            *Subject:* [gha-peace] TR: L'ACCORD DE PAIX A MINSK ENTRE

            *De :*Guy Crequie [mailto:guy.crequie@xxxxxxxxxx]
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            RUSSIE = ENFIN !

            ENFIN !_*

            *_ET ESPERONS LE = DURABLE !_*

            *Après de longues négociations préparées par les experts,
            2 rencontres à Moscou puis Minsk et une longue négociation
            en ce dernier lieu (toute la nuit et une partie de la
            matinée) un accord de paix a enfin abouti entre la Russie
            et L’Ukraine et les séparatistes pro-russes ont été
            représentés à certains niveaux de la négociation. Un
            accord de paix a été trouvé, jeudi 12 février au matin à
            Minsk, après plus de quatorze heures de négociations. Les
            quatre dirigeants russe, ukrainien, français et allemand
            vont se porter garants d'un compromis qui a été signé par
            des émissaires ukrainiens et russes, les séparatistes et
            l'Organisation pour la sécurité et la coopération en
            Europe (OSCE).*

            *La France et l’Allemagne représentées par le Président
            François HOLLANDE et la Chancelière Angéla MERKEL ont été
            à l’initiative de ce long marathon de paix et ont pris une
            part plus qu’active pour son aboutissement.*

            *Les points durs de la négociation étaient :*

            *-        Quel avenir pour le Donbass ?*

            *-        Les frontières*

            *-        Les prisonniers*

            *-        Le cessez-le-feu*

            *-        Un accord respecté ?*

            *Après des milliers de morts, des exodes forcés, et la
            guerre à la porte de L’Europe, on ne peut que se féliciter
            de cet accord et surtout espérer son respect.*

            *Certes, Vladimir POUTINE a l’ambition de redonner à la
            Russie la grandeur de la grande Russie tsariste au temps
            de sa splendeur et des meilleures années de l’Ancienne
            URSS. Cependant, la diplomatie américaine et parfois
            européenne avaient commis des erreurs. Les perspectives
            d’une possible entrée de l’Ukraine dans l’UE (Union
            Européenne), et pire dans l’OTAN, ne pouvaient qu’irriter
            le Maître du Kremlin.*

            *Les armes tues, il faudra trouver par la diplomatie et la
            bonne volonté la place de l’Ukraine dans le concert
            international : une place qui respecte ses liens
            historique avec la Russie malgré les péripéties de leur
            histoire et son ouverture vers L’Union Européenne.*

            *Vladimir POUTINE au-delà de son caractère et de ses
            pratiques este le Président de la Russie. Ce pays est doté
            de l’arme nucléaire et siège comme membre permanent au
            Conseil de sécurité de l’ONU. Entre autres, ce pays peur
            tenir un rôle majeur pour le règlement de la situation
            politique en Syrie.*

            *Alors, que les nébuleuses terroristes avec l’existence et
            l’agressivité de Daech, Boko Haram, Aqmi…. Posent des
            problèmes pour la paix mondiale, l’humanité a besoin d’une
            harmonie entre l’Orient et l’Occident, entre les pays du
            Nord et ceux du Sud et présentement des pays comme la
            Chine, la Russie, l’Inde, le Brésil, l’Afrique du sud, le
            Nigéria, l’Indonésie, l’Egypte, l’Iran,…auront de plus en
            plus toute leur place dans le concert international.*

            *La réalité et l’expansion du terrorisme international
            héla concrétisé principalement par le fondamentalisme
            musulman inspiré notamment par le Wahhabisme et le
            salafisme conduisent de grands pays et des Institutions à
            envisager des rapprochements avec le régime iranien et
            celui de Bachar Al-Assad malgré ses crimes par la force de

            *La levée des sanctions économiques contre la Russie
            devrait permettre, espérons- le, la reprise progressive de
            coopérations pas seulement politique et économique, mais
            également sur le terrain culturel. Ce pays peut aussi
            apporter sa part au règlement du dossier du nucléaire

            *Sachons apprécier, et surtout faire vivre cet accord dans
            le respect des différences politiques, culturelles et
            sociales, pour la dignité humaine et le bien commun

            *Copyright Guy CREQUIE*

            *Ecrivain français-Observateur social*

            *Messager de la culture de la paix de l’UNESCO*

            *Représentant français d’ONG internationales*

            *De paix et d’harmonie*

            RUSSIA = FINALLY!_*

            *_AND LET US HOPE FOR IT = DURABLE!_*

            *After long negotiations prepared by the experts, 2
            meetings in Moscow then Minsk and a long negotiation in
            this last place (all the night and part of the morning) a
            peace agreement finally led between Russia and the Ukraine
            and the separatists pro-Russian were represented on
            certain levels of the negotiation. A peace agreement was
            reached, Thursday, February 12 in the morning with Minsk,
            after more than fourteen hours of negotiations. The four
            leaders Russian, Ukrainian, French and German will go
            guaranteeing of a compromise which was signed by Ukrainian
            and Russian emissary, the separatists and the Organization
            for safety and the co-operation in Europe (OSCE).*

            *France and Germany represented by President François
            Hollande and the Chancellor Angela Merkel were on the
            initiative of this long marathon of peace and took a share
            more than active for its result.*

            *The hard points of the negotiation were:*

            *- Which future for Donbass?*

            *- Borders*

            *- Prisoners*

            *- Cease-fire*

            *- A respected agreement?*

            *After thousands of deaths, forced exoduses, and the war
            with the door of Europe, one can only be pleased with this
            agreement and especially hope for its respect.*

            *Admittedly, Vladimir PUTIN has the ambition to give again
            in Russia the size of large Russia tsarist at the time of
            his splendor and of the best years of the Old USSR.
            However, the American and sometimes European diplomacy had
            made mistakes. The prospects for a possible entry of the
            Ukraine in the EU (European Union), and worse in NATO,
            could only irritate the Master of the Kremlin.*

            *The weapons kill, it will be necessary to find by the
            diplomacy and the good will the place of the Ukraine in
            the international concert: a place which respects its
            bonds history with Russia in spite of the adventures of
            their history and its opening towards the European Union.*

            *Vladimir PUTIN beyond his character and of its practices
            este the President of Russia. This country is equipped
            with the nuclear weapon and seat like permanent member at
            the Security Council of UNO. Inter alia, this country fear
            of holding a main function for the regulation of the
            political situation in Syria.*

            *Then, that terrorist nebulas with the existence and the
            aggressiveness of Daech, Boko Haram, Aqmi…. Pose problems
            for world peace, humanity needs a harmony between the East
            and the Occident, between the countries of the North and
            those of the South and at present of the countries like
            China, Russia, India, Brazil, South Africa, Nigeria,
            Indonesia, Egypt, Iran,… will have more and more all their
            place in the international concert.*

            *The reality and the expansion of international terrorism
            héla concretized mainly by the Moslem fundamentalism
            inspired in particular by Wahhabisme and the salafism lead
            large countries and Institutions to consider bringings
            together with the Iranian mode and that of Bachar Al-Assad
            in spite of its crimes by the force of the urgency.*

            *The lifting of the economic sanctions against Russia
            should allow, hope for it, the progressive resumption of
            co-operations not only political and economic, but also on
            the cultural ground. This country can also bring its share
            to the regulation of the file of the Iranian nuclear power.*

            *Let Us Can appreciate, and especially make live this
            agreement in the respect of the political, cultural and
            social differences, for human dignity and the universal
            community property.*

            *Copyright Guy CREQUIE*

            *Writer social French-Observer*

            *Messenger of the culture of the peace of UNESCO*

            *French Representative of ONG international*

            *Peace and of harmony*




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