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many people commented the same

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  Jews of Iran Dear Moriikae,

May I understand please why you always write about Jews and Israelis?? I 
believe that in Iran there are many good people, like everywhere else, but the 
regime and its attitude towards Israel is another story. By the way, a lot of 
the heads of the Jewish community were murdered in Iran.The regime itself is 
another story.. May I understand why you don't write about the status of women 
in Iran???  If you like so much the regime why don't you visit there??  May I 
understand why you always deal with us, and never say a word about Assad, for 
example. I do believe that claims for peace should be sent especially to him 
who butchers his own people. 

So please, Moriikae. I know you personally and I know that you are a good 
willing woman, but please stop copying other people's articles, who have never 
lived in Iran... I have nothing against Iranians, As I say, there are a lot of 
good people there in a nation of millions. But a regime of Religious 
extremists, wherever they are, are not good for people. 



  (November 2006) synagogue in Tehran, Jews pray at Yusef Abad Synagogue. 
(Photograph by Raheb Homavandi Reuters)

   The day before the New Year festival of Rosh Hashanah Jewish, apparently 
from the account and the support group or Hassan Rouhani new president, 
Iranian, surprising tweet was posted. Jew's New Year greetings addressed to the 
Muslims among them domestic.  People saw this Tweet bewildered. This is because 
the meeting together of religion turn away from each other but surprisingly, it 
was referring to Jews of Iran that has not been little attention in the West. 
"This is a sunset Tehran soon. Jews, Jews of Iran so that you have many more 
happy Rosh Hashanah in particular all". September 4 Hassan Rouhani (@ 
HassanRouhani) 2013年  it is not taken up rarely in the news, but the community 
of Jews centuries vibrant from the front there is Iran. This opportunity, I 
will introduce the five trivia about them. With the exception of Israel [1], 
the number of the largest in the Middle East Jews of Iran. It is said that 
20000-25000 people in general.  You might think a surprising number, but the 
Jews more than 10 million people lived in the past. However, after the Islamic 
revolution of 1979, the majority is forced to leave the country. The purpose is 
to include the Jews, people who are not a Muslim, felt threatened by the new 
administration to life. Jews of Iran [2] is concentrated in the large cities 
Tehran, Isfahan, and Shiraz.  It is said that in Hamadan in the northwest, 
Mordecai Festival of Judaism, and important Estelle of ancient is the origin of 
Purim and is buried. According Jallais-Pirunaza the University of California at 
Berkeley to study the image and identity of Jews living in Iran Modern (Jaleh 
Pirnazar) said, save the state of the mausoleum to be two people with sleep is 
good, but recently, what It is said that in response to the attack or time.  
One ester of the Babylonian Captivity, is reportedly saved the Jews from 
genocide to the help of Mordecai is the uncle, entourage Persian king 
attempted. However, in the end of the biography, the fact that 75,000 thing 
Persians were slaughtered is described in detail. Attack of church and whether 
it is the retaliation, Mr. Pirunaza said. Majlis of Iran [3] The (parliament), 
the seat of the representatives of the Jews is have one. Maurice Motamedo that 
was sitting on the seats in Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's administration at the time 
(Maurice Motamed) said, was fulminate the President denied the fact of the 
Holocaust.  However, the case of a Jewish example, members of the Majlis be 
asked to tuning to the anti-Zionism, which advocates the government. Currently, 
to protest the actions of Israel in the Gaza Strip, Shiamaku-Morusadefu with 
seats (Siamak Morsadegh) said, spoke in front of the press and I'm not going to 
celebrate the Independence Day of Israel Jews of Iran. Rather than Judaism, 
religion has been persecuted the most [4] Iran's people of the minority Baha'i. 
According to Mr. Pirunaza, Christians and Jews in the "people who protected", 
Baha'is that have not received a guarantee from the ruling Iranian religious 
world.  Prohibited the practice of religion, Baha'is do not have seats in the 
Majlis as well. It is also excluded from secondary education. Some Muslims make 
a college education in secret, I is showing the attitude of resistance. Like 
the Jews of America, Jews [5] Iran to celebrate Rosh Hashanah to eat honey and 
apple. However, to speak also pomegranate, which marks the season just.  In 
addition, the Passover festival derived from the Exodus to the (Passover), 
there is a ritual that only the Jews of Iran do. In the sense that reproduces 
how the slaves of the Hebrew people were whipped in Egypt, from ancient times, 
Jews of Iran system (domestic and foreign) to imitate that hit in the leek 
family during a meal of Passover. Sharon Jacobs for National Geographic News

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